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Home ownership is a privilege that newer generations are finding increasingly difficult to acquire. The best jobs, after all, are located in city centers, but affordable housing can only be found miles away. This means either hour-long commutes or needing to put up with high rent rates with no return on your investment. Buying a new home, however, is not your only option.

It is wise to get up on the property ladder as soon as possible, because it is only then that you can truly see a return on your initial investment and, of course, have the safety and security of a valuable asset to your name. By aiming to repay your loan as fast as possible, you will also be able to reduce the overall costs and enjoy a fully-paid off investment in the future.

You cannot do this until you own your own home, and by knowing these options the reality of home ownership will be closer than you think:

Types of Homes to Buy
There are a few types of homes you can buy, and they are:

1. A New Build Home
A new build home means you can get the base price on a new property. It is how you can ensure you are avoiding any problems with the build and can enjoy a good price in even a great neighborhood. The only issue is that these sort of houses can tend to end up in a bidding war. If they don't, chances are it is because this is a new neighborhood in a previously undeveloped neighborhood. Choose a good one, and decades down the line you could enjoy a great investment.

2. Previously Owned Home
Previously owned homes are the most common type of property on the market. They can either be cheaper or more expensive than their newly built counterparts simply due to their location. A home that cost its owner next to nothing can end up being worth millions later on simply due to the land it sits on. To get your hands on a good deal here, look for properties in neighborhoods that have investment plans underway.

3. A Foreclosed Home
Foreclosed homes can come in any condition, shape, and size. Depending on your luck and the property you can get your hands on a great deal, but do remember that you will need to have the money upfront. This means taking out a personal loan or have the cash up front.

4. An HUD Home
An HUD Home is owned by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. It is a type of foreclosure that has been insured so that the original lender can get their lost money back. They generally go for 85% and 88% of their original list price, and can pay for it with a traditional loan, even through the government or bank. Simply follow this guide: to get started and get in on a great property for a great price.

What to Remember When House Hunting
Regardless of what type of property you are looking for, there are a few key characteristics that you need to keep an eye out for. The best way to get a great deal is to look for the potential of a property, rather than what is there right now. This way you can get a good starting price and invest in the changes you want and love, rather than learning to live with what is there.

There is also a lot you can do to a property without going through drastic renovations. From simple design updates to a fresh coat of paint, you will be amazed at how much a property change when you put a little love into it. If you need to do this, of course, always try to find a house or apartment that is under your budget. This will give you space in your loan total to invest into your property, but remember to wait a few months before committing to anything major.

Buying a new home is scary. It is often the biggest investment we will make in our lives, and it can come with a lot of challenges. An old, shabby home might have great potential, but you will still need to invest a lot of time and energy into fixing the place up before it can be deemed perfect and you can finally relax. In the meantime, you might experience a lot of stress, and this is where the apprehension can settle in. No one wants to think that they've made a bad investment, and by investigating your options and knowing what you are getting into from the start can help you make the right choices. Being sidelined by an unexpected challenge will hurt your confidence in your choice, but by following this guide, you can prepare for all the potential difficulties and face them head one.

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