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First, we'll start from the classifications of woodworking edge banding machine. In China and overseas, there are:
A. Laser Edge bander - Zero edge, high speed, large production capabilities, cost, limited choices of banding, no wood strips/HPL

Features: 1.Newer technology; 2. Zero Edge: so it can get highest quality edge; 3.Higher heat resistance: Moisture resistance; 4.High Production Capability: Speed up to 50m/min; 5.Co-extruded polymer banding; 6.High cost for entry into market; 7.Cannot edge band solid wood/HPL: Has ability to use EVA.

B. Hot Air Edge bander - Up and coming, zero edge, cost less than laser, no wood strips/HPL

Features:1.Hot Air: Up and Coming; 2.Zero edge; 3.Higher heat resistance:Moisture resistance; 4.Co-extruded polymer banding; 5.Cannot edge band wood/HPL; 6.Servo controlled for easy adjustment; 7.Speed: Around 20 m/min; 8.Has ability to use EVA.

C. EVA/PUR Hot Melt Edge bander - Highest market share, use glue pot or cartridge with colored adhesives. The regular function is: Separating nozzle spray, Pre-milling, Gluing, End Cutting, Rough Trimming, Fine Trimming, Corner Rounding, Scrapping, Flat Scrapping, Grooving, Cleaning Spray and Buffing. Most of factories which have sufficient budget will select woodworking full function edge banding machine. If your PVC tape is less than 2mm thickness and you're a starter of this industry, the compact full covered edge bander is other best valued option, which is also equipped with all basic functions.

In the future, there is big demand for different colors PVC banding, for different feeding channels, manufacturer now can do dual and triple even more. And all adjustment can do in pneumatic adjusting, it's trending. Other popular trending is high speed edge banding machine, for mass production without corner trim requirement, this machine is one ideal selection with max. 25m/minimum production speed.

edge banding machine penumatics adjusting
D.Contour/BAZ Edge bander/Vector - BAZ larger pieces, integrated into CNC, automatic, cost and manual contour dependent on operator.

Second, several maintenance tips to extend the life of your edge banding machine or other woodworking machinery.
edge banding machine gluing pot
A.Keep pot clean;

B.2nd pot on hand;

C.Shut off machine when not in use;

D.Clean machine daily

E.Preventive maintenance

1.Check heating elements

2.Check Tooling

Third, about boards.
Boards 2
- Particle Board
- Plywood
- Honeycomb/Light Weight
- Other

A. Acclimate board to environment
B. Temperature of board is critical! With baking infrared paint curing lamp, woodworking edge banding machine can help you solve this problem especially in the cold area.
C. Swelling of edges
D. Density: Affects pull strength
E. Cut quality/edge quality: Perpendicular edge / long boards; Dust free
F. Band as quickly as possible after cutting
G. Careful to not over sand wood strips: Maple

Fourth, about banding types.
A. PVC/PP/ABS: Ask manufacturer about clear tape
C. Primed vs Not Primed
D. Veneer
E. Fleece backed
F. Wood Strips
G. Handling: Storage
H. Thickness/height: Sized properly, left minimum 2mm space according to the panel heights.

Next time, we will continue talk about the adhesive, finish effects, etc,.

Love your woodworking edge bander machine, it is a money maker!
For more information, visit: https://www.ileabon.com/woodworking-edge-banding-machine-selection/

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