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The evolution from fingertip to tongue tip, the journey was tremendous. The search process has been changed from search bar to voice search.

In the world of digitalization and modernization, every single thing is improvised for the human ease. The products and services are being delivered at our doorstep. Technology has its own impact. With the up gradation and simplification of the various technical devices, everything is at our fingertip. With the evolution of era, the companies are setting a trend mark with Artificial Intelligence. In Artificial Intelligence it seems like we are talking or having a conversation with another person. Now we can restate everything is not at our fingertip but at the tip of the tongue. In today's scenario all the electronic devices are enabled with voice search. The Google Assistant, Amazons' Alexa, Siri etc helps us in decoding our search. The search can be of any type and a layman can search for anything, be it a boutique, parlor, restaurant or any service related firm. The voice search module can be used in the mobile device, independent designed devices etc.

Earlier we used to type in our search engine and the search engine used to show the suggestions and we select the desired one. But sometimes we don't find the search as content-specific. Imagine a layman who doesn't know how to write or speak English, obviously cannot type in the search bar. But the voice search which supports Multilanguage can be used by the layman and he/she can get the desired result. Basically, the voice search constraint identifies the keyword and process it accordingly. The keywords are classified into two different types such as short tail keyword and long tail keyword.

Short and long tail keyword usage

The short tail keyword is not specific; it is for the open spectators. For e.g. If an individual is looking for a pure veg restaurant at Mumbai but while searching the person only mention restaurant at Mumbai or Chennai. The search result may show top restaurants at Mumbai or Chennai or it may display nonveg restaurant at Mumbai or Chennai. The long -tail keywords are for niche mass and show approximate accurate results. For e.g. - If an individual mentions veg restaurant at Mumbai. The search result will only display the veg restaurant, which targets the audience and do their work easier.

There are certain reasons why voice search is changing the keyword search that is mentioned below:

To become user-friendly- According to a study approximately 40 percent of the mass use voice search, but there is a certain population who still are not comfortable with voice search. Because people speak in a different manner and can ask a question related to the various subject which even we don't expect. So the voice search starts juggling with the keywords, as a result, an accurate result is displayed to the end user.

Engage the end users in a two-way conversation- A search engine delights its end user when it responds to the individual. It is all about the game of keywords. How well the artificial intelligence responds your keyword is an important thing. When we are talking to a person, if the person does not respond we lose interest in the conversation. Similar is the case with voice search and the correspondence. The developers should analyze and input the keywords and modify it from time to time.

Survive a cut-throat competition- Since, the market face cutthroat competition, to sustain in the market; the companies should modify its keywords from time to time. The audience expects while they are using a service, it should understand what exactly the person wants.

Changing Keywords can help in online promotion and marketing for a particular firm- Marketing online has now become a new trend. The teenagers like to visit various social media websites and get magnified with the unique advertisement. When they are opting voice search they only pick up a line from the advertisement, if the artificial intelligence is not able to recognize the same the display result varies. So the artificial Intelligence must be modeled in such a way that it picks the keyword and understand the natural language.

We cannot input words in the human mind, rather we can train the artificial intelligence constraint- The Human brain is far more intelligent than the system. The end user can ask or search from various genres, there is no full stop to it. We cannot ask them to search only from this arena, but we can build and train our artificial intelligence BOT with various inputs like what, where, How, when, afterward etc so that it responds appropriately. The inputs can be generated by brainstorming keywords. Every time we cannot expect an end user to ask the logical question as an end-user can be anyone like a 4 years old can use the voice search process.

Sync in the offline process- The keywords not only play an important role during the online process but helps in synchronization when a user or customer is offline. Changing keywords enhances the navigation process well. The same keyword can be used in varied ways, restaurants. For e.g.- "restaurant" can be used as "hotels", "dine-out", "eating-house", "place to eat" etc. So the voice search must be updated and familiar with the same.


There can be "n" number synonyms of a particular keyword. People can use the same search sentence in different ways. Yes, Rome was not built in a day; it needs time to build the intelligence with all these algorithms. But to give a good user experience the system should be updated with keywords. The keywords built the overall strategy. No matter how smartly we design the algorithm, the human's question is unpredictable. The day the updating of the keyword is stopped. The voice search automatically becomes paralyzed.
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