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Handheld computers "also known as personal digital assistants (PDAs)" are small, portable devices that offer users many of the same features and capabilities as desktop computers at a fraction of the size. Although the terms "handheld computer" and "PDA" are often used interchangeably, handhelds tend to be larger and feature miniature keyboards, while PDAs tend to be smaller and rely on a touch screen and stylus for data entry.

The size of handheld computers ranges from credit card to small notebook computer, and the available features and power generally increase with greater size. Most handheld computers utilize a liquid crystal display (LCD), which acts as both an input and an output device. Only the larger PDAs feature keyboards, and most others require users to enter information on a touch screen, either by tapping letters with a stylus or by writing letters on the screen, which the device interprets using handwriting-recognition software. In the future, many handheld units are expected to incorporate voice-recognition technology.

In fact, using pulsepal, the output triggers' rise looked as two very similar curves that crossed each other at the nanosecond scale. To solve that, we took out the pulsepal and just used a T connection in the bpod output to send the same signal to the two different NIDAQ ports in those cases that scanimage seemed to really require the signals to be identical. Now everything seems to work.

Even something as simple as a capacitive stylus improves the drawing/writing experience over using just a finger. The new stylus comes with a tracking force recommendation, and that value could differ from the one of the original stylus. Depends on what you are using right now. But from your description it sounds like it's not the turntables fault. More like the new stylus is worse than the original one. So the solution would be to get the original Stanton replacement (if still available) or a higher quality OEM stylus or a new cartridge altogether.

Even though I am not an artist, would like to use a good stylus for some rough sketching as well taking down notes - the conventional handwriting way. It's the "real" stylus that comes with Surface Pro, not a stylus that simulates finger input. Finger input works well, just only stylus input that doesn't seem to be supported in most browsers yet.
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