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Although initially, it was impossible to treat the problem, with the help of the ongoing developments in the field of medicine, it has now become possible to treat the problem efficiently in the initial stages. The treatment for cancer is available at the best cancer treatment hospital in India. The treatment options, mostly include surgical removal of a tumor or the affected organ, Immunotherapy, targeted therapy, stem cell transplant, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Radiation oncology in India has given new hope to the patients by offering non-invasive treatment options. Cancer specialists in India offer all kinds of treatments and that too with an efficiency that is at par with excellence. They resort to the use of high-quality equipment that helps to give higher precision and accuracy. The type of treatment to be undertaken depends upon the type of cancer, the age of the patient and various other factors.

Cancer is a chronic health issue that is caused by the excessive multiplication and accumulation of malignant cells which can be triggered by a variety of factors. The problem can develop in any part of our body and after some time spread to other parts by a process known as metastasis. Although cancer can be very easily treated in the initial stages as the disease proceeds, it becomes more and more difficult to treat the patients. Earlier the problem could only be treated with the help of a surgery which aimed at the removal of a tumour or the damaged organ. Although the surgery successfully helped to treat a lot of patients many of these had to undergo organ replacement and amputation as well. Gradually with the developments taking place in the field of medical science, new and better options came into being, making it possible to save the patient from the hassle of amputation and organ removal.

In some cases, the doctors stuck to only one treatment options whereas in some other cases, the doctors might use a combination of two or more treatment options depending upon the severity of cancer and the location of a tumour.

In India, you find some of the leading oncology hospitals that offer a wide range of treatment options. The doctors here are highly specialised and experts in their fields. Some of the best treatment options for cancer that are offered at all the leading hospitals in India include the following-

Surgery is the oldest option of treatment which aims at removing the tumour and damaged tissues as well as the replacement of the affected organ. Before the surgery, the doctors perform a series of tests and screenings to determine the exact location and size of a tumour and decide a proper protocol that is to be followed. Mastectomy is one of the most commonly performed surgeries used to treat patients suffering from breast cancer.

Radiation Therapy involves the use of high dose of radiations to directly target the cancer cells in a specific area. This can be either done by placing the radioactive material inside the patient's body or by directing the radiations from outside. Radiation therapy ensures minimal damage to the surrounding cells and tissue. It also helps to reduce the size of a tumour to make it easier for the doctors to remove it surgically.

Chemotherapy is somewhat like radiation therapy. The only difference is that instead of using a high beam of radiations, this involves the use of special drugs that help to destroy and kill the cancer cells. Chemotherapy does have certain side effects and it is very important to know about them beforehand. The procedure is performed in specialised labs and the patient is to be kept isolated for some time.

Immunotherapy is one of the newest methods to fight cancer why strengthening the immune system of a person. The procedure usually does not have many side effects but it is better to consult a specialist to determine if you are eligible for it.
Targeted Therapy is used to target the root cause of the problem that is responsible for triggering the abnormal growth of cells. This helps to prevent the cells from multiplying any further.

Hormone Therapy is majorly used to treat breast and prostate cancer. The hormones that are recommended either slow down or completely stop the growth of the cells.

Stem Cell Transplant is used to help patients whose bone marrow has been damaged due to the chemo and radiation therapies. The type of transplant to be performed depends upon the availability of the stem cells.
Precision Medicine helps the doctors to the device out the best treatment for the patients by understanding their genetic build up.

If you or your loved one has been detected with the problem, it is better to consider all the treatment options and take suggestions from an expert. Some hospitals also offer special rehabilitation programs to help cancer patients and their family members and guide them properly throughout the procedure.
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