What Are The Signs And Symptoms That Require A Cardiologist Consultation


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It is a universal fact, we are living as long as our heart is functioning properly. It is the organ the beats more than 100, 000 times a day. So, do not forget to take preventive care of this organ if you feel any sign and symptoms.

How fit are you, largely depends how healthy your heart is. If you are facing any kind of heart disease you can not excel in your overall heart condition. Under such circumstances, you should fix an appointment with the Sierra Vista cardiologists and discuss the possible solution to keep your heart healthy and in proper functioning condition. We will discuss the conditions that require a cardiologist consultation at Cochise heart and vascular associates, LLC.

Chest pain

It is regardless to mention that chest pain is one of the primary sign of heart problem. Despite this fact, we often ignore the light and occasional pain in our heart, only to let the problem grow bigger at the particular stage. Although there are some causes as well that are not pertinent to the heart, still you should consult the cardiologist and discuss about the relevance of occurring pain in your chest. The chest pain might also be the earlier sign of heart-attach as well. Therefore, taking a cardiologist insight into it can prevent you from getting into the worst condition.

Dizziness, palpitations or short of breathe

If you are experiencing any of the depicted symptoms, it might due to coronary artery disease or abnormal heart rhythms. The heart specialist will clear the cloud of apprehension whether it is due to heart issue or there is any other problem.

High blood pressure

Pumping and pushing the blood to the different part of our body is the major function of our heart. Blood pressure is the force by which our heart is pushing the blood against the artery walls. The high blood pressure may put more pressure or cause the heart to work harder to perform the blood circulation function. The symptom may lead to the risk of heart attack and stroke.


If you are already having diabetes, you should always keep in mind that there is a correlation between cardiovascular disease and diabetes. There will be a higher risk of coronary artery disease if the blood sugar is poorly controlled. It is so because it affects how efficiently your blood vessels function. The Sierra Vista cardiologists can work in tandem with your primary care physician to determine what medical step should be taken to prevent and lower any possible risk.

High cholesterol

High or bad cholesterol can prove a disaster for your arteries. Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is found in many foods. It is also produced by our liver. The high cholesterol can increase the risk of heart attack, so it is better to nip it in the bud with the help of medical treatment prescribed by the cardiologist.

These are not the only condition that might affect your heart. It is recommended to discuss with the cardiologist to know other possible signs and symptoms where doctor's advice and treatment becomes obligatory.
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