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Online stores have become highly popular among consumers for buying all kinds of products ranging from clothing and luxury items to electronics and other gadgets. The image quality of the products displayed on the online stores must be good enough to capture the imagination of the customers. This is essential because the customers cannot touch or feel the product and rely on the image while making decisions on whether or not to buy them. Online stores with poor resolution images perform poorly in influencing the customers to buy their products.

Thus, hiring a company offering product photo retouching services becomes essential for e-commerce websites to convert the quality of their product images to a superior level in order to connect better with the customers.

What all are covered?

The various ecommerce retouching services cover all kinds of products commonly available on the online stores. Some examples have been listed here.
- Clothing
- Jewelry
- Shoes
- Electronic equipments
- Accessories
- Furniture
- Toys
- Food
- Show pieces
- Make-up items

Types of product retouching

The companies engaged in product retouching for e-commerce websites commonly offer the following services.

Transparent mannequin

This type of product photo retouching is done for images of clothing such as shirts, blazers, etc. The clothing is photographed while it is worn by a mannequin. Thereafter, the photograph is retouched to remove the mannequin. The clothing appears as if worn by a transparent person in the photograph. This is also called ghost mannequin technique. The reason for using a dummy is that it not only showcases the fitting clearly but also prevents creases and distortion. The absence of mannequin in the photograph means that the customer only sees the product in its perfect state.

Creating shadows and reflections

Shadows and reflections of the products captured in the images make for excellent product displays on the online stores. However, natural shadows and reflections may not appear in the photograph due to many reasons such as bad lighting, poor background, etc. The product photo retouching specialists are capable of creating shadows and reflections in such photos. Thus, there is no need for e-commerce store owners to expend time and energy in creating reflections and shadows in their product images. The task can simply be outsourced to professional product photo retouching services.

Multiple colours

There are many products such as furniture, clothes, jewelry items, etc. which need to be showcased in many colours. The photo retouching specialists re-colour a single photograph in multiple varieties of colour. The editing is done in such a manner that the colour looks original and there is no sign of it being digitally painted. This eliminates the need to photograph the product multiple times in different colours.

Removing creases and wrinkles

This is done in case of photos of apparels. Apparels tend to become creased and wrinkled which may appear in the photograph. The photo retouching specialists digitally remove these imperfections and impart an ironed and smooth look to the apparel in the photograph. This is also called reshaping apparel photographs.

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