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Why is the blockchain a subversive technology in the 21st century? What charm does it bring to the world? The birth of VC Union (the venture capital alliance ecological platform) is why it will become the dividend era in the future venture capital field?

Blockchain: the new dividend era of the 21st century

What do you think about the era of dividends? Simply put, grasping the dividends of the times is not only capturing the wealth.

Today, the Internet and real estate have become the dividends of the 60s and 70s. They have earned 80% of China's wealth, so many people are aware of the importance of the opportunities brought by the era dividend. Now that the dividends of the Internet and the mobile Internet are over, the wave of artificial intelligence is still being controlled by the giants. Where is the new era dividend?

For the 80s and 90s, it is not a pity that the bonus period has passed, because in the era and the constant iteration of technology, the new dividend period – the blockchain is coming, it just complements the gradual loss of the Internet dividend. Today, blockchain technology is in the early stages of development, and this is a huge opportunity after 80s and 90s.
However, although the blockchain has gradually been recognized abroad, many companies and individuals in China are skeptical about this. Even the national policies and regulations do not clearly explain the blockchain. In fact, for the emergence of a new thing, we need to learn to analyze with rational thinking and wisdom.

At that time, China's Internet was just starting in 1994. Although a small number of people are full of expectation and unlimited imagination about the future of the Internet, most people are not optimistic about the Internet. They are unclear about what the Internet can do, and they are even less willing to conduct in-depth research. However, when most people hesitated and refused to know it, Netease, Alibaba, Tencent, etc. appeared in 1998. 20 years later they became the cornerstone of China's Internet economy.

The emergence of blockchain technology is the same. Don't feel it has nothing to do with me. If you really understand the technical characteristics of the blockchain and the application scenarios and the potential value of the development of various industries, you will understand that the blockchain is not only new. Technological innovation is a historical opportunity.

VC Union- Why dare to challenge the traditional VC model

The growth process of a project will go through four stages: seed stage, start-up period, growth stage and maturity stage. For venture capital companies, the earlier the investment is higher, but once the project grows rapidly until the market, the return is thousands of times more.

Take the typical case of the country, Ali is the United States Goldman Sachs led the investment, Japan Softbank and vote. In 2014, Ali was listed in the US, and its market capitalization was $230 billion. Ali from the initial 500,000 yuan to the market value of the listed market reached 230 billion US dollars, for the two investment companies Goldman Sachs, Softbank, is undoubtedly earned a lot of money. But unfortunately, as a national enterprise, Ali's biggest owner is not the Chinese themselves, and wealth has been taken away by foreign companies. Is it Ali? Baidu and Tencent's owners are foreign venture capital firms. Through this case, we can easily find the charm of VC.

At present, China's economic development speed is obvious to all. With the continuous change of science and technology, China has become a technological powerhouse after the United States. Based on the foundation of science and technology, some emerging technology projects and enterprises have emerged and become the focus of global venture capital companies. focus. But the more new things emerge, the more Chinese investment companies are not giving force, the mouth has always said that they want to cast another Ali, and then cast a Tencent, but in the face of the project, always raise a series of concerns to the financing side. The problem is to let the other party come up with a series of solutions. And some people of insight, as ordinary individual investors, it is difficult to come up with a lot of money to risk the support, in addition, limited resources can not play a decisive role in the project.

Therefore, we conclude that the traditional VC model is characterized by high investment threshold, difficult project matching, high transaction risk, and rigid fund structure.
VC Union (Bintech Alliance Eco-Platform) was jointly developed by Basrich (Bonchi) and RRE, Chain based on blockchain 3.0 technology. The main reason why VC Union can incite the traditional VC model is that it solves and solves all the above problems.

VC Union can combine excellent projects and venture capital institutions from all over the world. With the trustworthy and non-tamperable mechanism of the blockchain, the transaction risk can be greatly reduced, especially for the financing party to solve the problem of single source of funds and structural rigidity. In a simple understanding, VC Union can attract investment companies and individuals from all over the world, and put a scientific combination of quality financing projects into VC Union through project transaction brokers. Under the framework of quantitative smart contracts, through consensus mechanism, cross- National borders, short time lag, and low cost to achieve high profit returns.



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