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Mutual funds are like a newly opened restaurant in your neighbourhood, which is serving cuisines from every part of the world. Are you sure which one dish to choose that will taste good? No, but the chef at the restaurant know this once you tell them about your tang. The same role MySIPonline is playing for the investors, where people tell their investment goals, risk appetite, and investment tenure, and it offers them the best mutual fund schemes which suit their investment profile.

MySIPonline is a mutual fund investment website whose experts have vast experience when it comes to understanding the market and investing wisely. It offers many funds which act as a shield for investors in the times of financial market storms, and among them, the best is aggressive hybrid equity funds. All those new or existing investors who are worried about the market volatility and impending wild swings should always select the hybrid mutual funds which are an ideal combination of superior quality equity stocks and high-rated fixed income instruments. This combination helps these funds to avoid downside while retaining the capability to capture upside over the long run.

The top hybrid equity schemes are handpicked by the experts of MySIPonline, which are investor friendly and avoid volatility. Some of such advantages investors will get if they invest in the funds with the online portal, some of them are:

1.Automatic Asset Allocation: Aggressive hybrid mutual fund schemes allocate the assets in equity, debt, and money market instruments. So, investors need not worry about investing in diversified assets. Investors are provided with these schemes by the distributors looking after their overall portfolio. If they are a novice or have any debt or high-risk funds in their portfolio, then a balanced scheme is providing them with a shield which reduces the risk in their portfolio and make it diversified.

2.Reduced Volatility: As equity hybrid or balanced funds invest at least 65% of their assets in equity and the rest in debt, it ensures that the funds have low volatility in its category. The experts look after various parameters such as Beta, Sharpe, Standard Deviation (SD), and Alpha. All these are studied in depth to suggest the schemes that beat other funds of the category and deliver high returns in the long-run.

3.Investment Strategies: The investment strategies and portfolio dynamics of the mutual funds play a vital role in their performance. These investment philosophies are judged in various ways including fund management, investment style, and selection of stocks. These strategies differ from fund-to-fund, according to the bets of the fund managers.

4.Tax Efficiency: The experts ensure that investors should not redeem their investments before 1 year as it attracts the exit load of 1%. Besides this, they also keep the check on their investment profits, that they do not exceed Rs 1 Lakh, as it attracts the long-term capital gain (LTCG) of 10%.

5.Past Performance: The funds are measured on the basis of their past performance by the experts and they confirm that the investment methodologies are prudent. They are analysed across the market cycles, and thus one can expect the same behavior from the funds in upcoming upside and downside market trends.

Top Performing Aggressive Hybrid Mutual Funds:
The research team of MySIPonline has chosen a few funds under the category based on the above-discussed criteria. As per the team, the funds are expected to perform well and provide excellent returns over the period of 5 years.

(a)Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Fund (G)
(b)ICICI Prudential Equity & Debt Fund (G)
(c)SBI Equity Hybrid Fund (G)
(d)Reliance Equity Hybrid Fund (G)

Everybody needs to take some per cent of risk at some point in their life. As an investor, you can eliminate the risk of being losing your money by performing market research properly and take some calculated risk with your investments. If you can’t do any such market research, trust the instincts of MySIPonline's experts who are trying to strengthen the financial roots of every individual. Its expert team is always available to deliver the best services to investors.
For more information, visit: https://www.mysiponline.com/mutual-funds/balanced-aggressive-hybrid-funds

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