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Generator is an equipment that you hope you don't need to ever use. But, when there comes a time, you'll be glad that you possess one. If you own a generator, you will be able to get the best use of it, if you follow proper storage guidelines and techniques. The best part is that, there isn't much to be followed for successful storage of your generator. Now this is great news, since you will be having a lot more to worry about during a major weather event.

Two scenarios for storage of your generator

- Short-term storage

Short-term storage for generators is pretty easy. If you know you're going to need to use it multiple times in a given season, all you really have to do is clean the grime off of it after every use. Then store it somewhere that you can easy access to it when you need to pull it out again for the next use. Simple, isn't it.

- Long-term storage

This type of a storage is one most generator owners must pay attention to. Also, if you buy used generators for sale from us, we will guide you appropriately how to store your equipment for a long period of time.
For now here is what you should do when you are putting away your equipment for many months?

o Scheduled Maintenance - the first thing you should be doing is contacting a generator repair and service dealer as they know what is best for your equipment. They will be running a maintenance service session to keep your generator up and running.

o Treat The Fuel - the quality of fuel in your generator will determine whether your generator will ignite or not. Hence, before you store it, fill it with fuel as high as you can, and treat that fuel with a stabilizer. This is important if you have a gas generator and you're putting E10 gasoline in it.

A superior ethanol fuel treatment should be able to enhance the gasoline's ability to stand any amount of water it's going to absorb during storage, and it should protect your generator's rubber and plastic parts from any contact with the fuel during storage. Hence, treat the fuel, then ignite the generator for a few minutes to let the treated fuel distributed all through the generator's fuel system.

Always Remember

And, this last piece of information may not be pertaining the storage of your generator but is important enough to take note and keep repeating. Here are essential safety guidelines you must follow, while you're using your portable generator.

- Never install a generator indoors. Generators emit carbon monoxide, which is poisonous for us, therefore always install it outdoors and away from any structure. If ever you feel unwell while using the equipment, get to fresh air immediately and contact a medical practitioner.

- Do not refuel a hot generator. This should be obvious because a hot generator and flammable fuel aren't a safe combination. Let the generator cool down before refueling the equipment.

- Disconnect the generator power once the power is back. During a power outage, this wouldn't be a problem, but if not, power from the generator can go back into the utility lines, creating a hazard for utility workers.

- Avoid plugging the generator into a wall outlet. It is very dangerous and needs an automatic transfer switch that disconnects the building's wiring from the utility system. Only a licensed electrician must have access to this area.
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