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Making a pitch in your business life is an exciting and slightly nerve-wracking experience. You'll have worked hard putting together all the information you need to persuade business leaders, stakeholders, clients or investors to support your initiative. But there are ways in which you can truly perfect your pitch, ensuring that your delivery is as engaging and provocative as possible.

Remember: Those you're pitching to will have seen many pitches before, and you'll, therefore, need to stand out from the crowd.

That's where the tips below come in; giving you inspiring ideas with which to deliver your successful business pitch.

Multimedia & Creative Presenting
The most engaging way to present information in the pitching landscape is through multimedia videos. It's why you see so many animated series on YouTube, and why most companies possess an introductory video on their website, for ease of information transmission. If you've conducted some research to justify your proposals, why not pay for some video research software with which to present your research with added shine. Maybe some music will help set the mood, or some high-resolution photographs and diagrams will help persuade those you're presenting to. Above all, be creative and try something new to dazzle your audience.

Aside from multimedia approaches to presenting, to really engage your audience, it's important to think of creative ways to launch your pitch. Many people choose to ask leading questions of their audience, although this has been known to backfire quite damagingly in some cases. Instead, attempt to involve your audience by asking them if they're aware of certain case studies, data sets or current trends. It's engaging to "break the fourth wall" in this regard and will create a more relaxed atmosphere in which your ideas will be able to capture the imaginations of those you're presenting to.

Confidence, Assurance & Inspiring
Confidence can be achieved in two key ways. The first is the 'fake it until you make it' mentality, which requires you to act with confidence despite feeling a little nervous and low on self-esteem. The other more genuine route to confidence and assurance is to know the topic you'll be presenting inside out. Rehearse your pitch ruthlessly, ensuring that you've got answers to all the potential questions your audience will put to you. Have statistics and dates memorized, so they roll off the tongue. In short, create your own confidence by being the specialist in the room.

However, with that in mind, the most engaging attribute of an individual presenting on something is not their confidence. It's their level of inspiration. If you walk head held high into a boardroom with an idea you're genuinely inspired about, it'll be difficult for this feeling not to be infectious to those around you. It'll sound in your voice, and it'll gleam in your eye. It'll also direct your audience to the benefits and profits that might emerge from your proposed project, which means you'll be exciting the imagination in just the kind of way that secures businesspeople the backing of their superiors.

Execute your next business pitch with real panache by following the tips provided above.

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