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In the old days, a press release was used by companies to let reporters and editors know about big events, like a product launch, winning an award or change of leadership.

The release was meant to be sent to the various news media outlets and hope that a reporter would be interested in writing an article about the press release. An interview may be set up so that a reporter may get more information for the story that will be written about your company.

Due to the evolution of technology and the internet, "newswire" services were put up. They would syndicate these press releases in a wider scope which has led to the abundance of information that we have today.

Online press release companies started to sprout almost a decade ago. It was now easier to syndicate press releases and distribute them across hundreds of websites faster. The Newswire concept evolved to the online press release distribution.

SEO was a marketing tactic that was rising back in the day and experts noticed that every time a press release was released, it resulted in a link back to the company being syndicated to the numerous media outlets.

Links had a high ranking signal with the search engines which led to abuse among SEO experts. A flood of spam links and low-quality content for press releases started to become the normal practice to get high rankings.

Google noticed this and they started penalizing sites that abused the system starting in 2013.

This has led to the practice today of Newswire sites listing press releases as nofollow links. This makes press release links ineffective for SEO purposes.

What press release distribution can do is to attract the writers and editors so that stories can be written about your product and service. This is the same purpose that press releases had before and it can still be as effective now. Once the stories are written about you, natural links on your website will ultimately follow which is good for your SEO.

Here are some tips you can apply in order to avoid the penalty that Google may impose for press releases.

Use Nofollow Links
The Nofollow tag lets websites tell search engines not to count some outbound links as a ranking signal for a website to rank higher. In the past, search engines consider links as a reason to give credit to web pages, these credits give a higher ranking to the pages involved. Using nofollow blocks credit from being given to websites as far as the search engines are concerned. This nofollow tag is used for paid links on your website. For a website that does not moderate the comments section, using nofollow links is part of best practice so that bad websites will not get credit from your website. You should also use nofollow if you embed widgets and other infographics from other websites to your site. If your website also allows anyone to provide content without moderation, then a nofollow tag is used to prevent your site from being seen as "supporting" links to bad websites. Nofollow can be used at any time. Links that you don't want your site to endorse should always be tagged. with nofollow.

The goal of press release distribution companies is to get your press release noticed by influencers, news agencies, and reporters. You should do your due diligence in verifying the tactics used by your chosen provider when it comes to avoiding penalties from Google. You may get the results that you want but are not sure about the means used in order to get them. Choose your press release company responsibly.
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