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The fantasy TV series Game of Thrones has given us so many unforgettable moments. From shocking dramatic scenes where fan favourite characters are dispensed off unceremoniously to epic battle scenes where our hearts don’t stop pounding even for a millisecond, the thrill of watching Game of Thrones is comparable to no other experience in the whole world. Apart from these, the show has also provided us with some of the most indelible catchphrases and quotes, some of which we’ve been started using in our daily conversations. Here are some of the most notable ones:

“Winter Is Here”
This is what we’ve been hearing from the very first episode of Season 1 and this is what the show has been building towards right from the very beginning. With the penultimate season ending with the eerie winter creatures led by the Night King marching towards Westeros, we’re certain that winter, finally, is here and it’s here with a bang.

“A Girl Has No Name”
Out of all the character arcs that we’ve followed since the start, Arya Stark’s character has been one of the most fascinating. If you noticed her combat skills against Brienne of Tarth in Season 7, then you know how fierce the youngest Stark girl has now become. An induction into the Faceless Men, the guild of assassins from the Free City of Braavos, does complete justice to Arya’s character.

“You Know Nothing Jon Snow”
Although Jon and Daenerys’ romance has started to take shape now, his chemistry with Ygritte the fiery Wildling woman was absolutely sizzling. She was the one who first taught Jon about what true love really means. Even if their story had a tragic end, “You Know Nothing Jon Snow” will forever be the most romantic line from GoT.

“Hold The Door”
Throughout the series, Hodor never spoke more than a syllable but his loyalty and love towards Bran carved a special place for him in our hearts. His death and the revelation of how he came to become Hodor remains one of the most heart wrenching scenes from the TV series.

“That’s what I do: I drink and I know things.”
Oh! Tyrion Lannister, no one can ever match your wit and intelligence. This line describes Tyrion perfectly. He’s unabashed and unashamed of who he is and what he does. This is what attracts us to his character.

“Everyone but us is the enemy.”
Hate her as much as you can but you cant deny that Cersei is one of the cleverest character on GoT. Her advice to her son Joffrey is still one of the truest words ever spoken which would be handy for anyone living in the unpredictable world of the Seven Kingdoms.

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