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Natural pillows, like buckwheat pillows can offer a one-stop solution to your quality of sleep, eliminating allergens from your pillow and preventing or easing neck, shoulder and back aches and pains while you sleep. What you probably did not know is that buckwheat pillows have been used by Asian cultures for hundreds of years. A buckwheat pillow is made like a regular pillow with a covering and filler, but it is filled with buckwheat hulls rather than feathers or foam.

Buckwheat is a plant cultivated for its triangular grains. Unlike most other grains, it's not a grass but a plant crop. That means it has broad, spreading leaves; it also has lacy white flowers. And the natural pillows made with buckwheat are stuffed with hulls of the fruit, the husks that protect the kernels. These hulls are roasted to remove dust from the growing fields before being placed into the pillowslips. Commercial production of hulls uses machine-thrashing combined with multiple siftings and vacuum cleaning. The common buckwheat may be grown with pesticides and herbicides in some areas, and the cleaning process may include additional steps to remove chemical impurities.

The most important quality of buckwheat pillows is that they can support the head and neck during sleep. Because of this ability to conform to the shape of the head and neck, natural pillows are often recommended by health professionals to those suffering with snoring, migraines or neck pain.

Unlike most standard feather and memory foam pillows, buckwheat pillows are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to suit different needs. You can use these natural pillows as keyboard rests that help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, eye pillows, and tube-like pillows that support the back during driving or sitting at a desk. You can even purchase these buckwheat pillows with natural herbs added to the buckwheat hulls for a calming or energizing aromatherapy session.

Probably the greatest benefit of these natural pillows is the environmental one. Buckwheat is a naturally occurring, renewable resource. Unlike the foam materials that are petroleum-based or the genuine feather pillows made from feathers collected from birds, buckwheat pillows do not cause any damage to the environment or living species. And, the price of buckwheat pillows is not much different than their less nature-friendly competitors.

But, before you go purchase a couple of these amazing natural pillows, keep in mind that because the buckwheat hulls are roasted through a fire to remove the dust, allergens and other germs that attach themselves during the growing process, there is little possibility of contamination from the hulls that are placed inside the pillow cases. Because of the close proximity of the hulls to the face, however, some individuals with sensitive skin or an allergy to buckwheat may experience discomfort, such as itching and sneezing.

Having trouble sleeping? Or do you weak up with a sore neck or maybe a dreaded migraine? The solution for all these problems rests in the amazing buckwheat pillows . There are reliable businesses out there which can help you get your hands on these natural pillows ; all you have to do is spend a bit of time on Google
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