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Folsom Lake Montessori Academy
196 Blue Ravine Rd, Suit 150
Folsom, CA
New Jersey - 95630
United States
April 26, 2016: The Folsom Lake academy situated near Folsom & El Dorado, CA provides the best day care facility as well as education to the young learners. It has come with some of its latest plans for the children.

The use of Montessori Method: Abiding by the philosophies of Dr Maria Montessori, the believes that the overall development of the children includes the cultivation of their physical, cognitive, emotional and social aspects. Here the focus is on children’s early literacy, problem solving, logical reasoning, physical coordination, socializing, creativity as well as other character building traits like self control and sharing. This helps develop their critical thinking and prepares them for the classroom and beyond.

Age grouping: The classes at Folsom Lake Academy do not divide the children according to grades. They divide them according to their age like age 2-3 or 3-6 so that they can learn and work together and socialize in the Multi-age classrooms.

Teaching According to Ability: Teachers here help children learn at their own pace retaining their dignity. This teaching method motivates children to learn musical, kinesthetic, communicational skills, Interpersonal skills, as well as the basics. Experts keep a record of their performance so that they can make individual plans, which help children learn at their own speed.

Environment of Classrooms: The academy encourages children to maintain self discipline. Often the grownups wonder at the tidiness and quietness of the class room with high level of classroom activities.

Future Preparation: According to the research reports, children who receive their education according to the Montessori Method, perform better in academic, social and emotional life as compared to the children who do not get a chance to attain the Montessori education. Their scores are high in the standardized tests also.

Specialized Curriculum: The core curriculum of the Montessori Children’s Academy includes Language, Math, Science, Geography, Art as well as the sensorial and practical life education. The practical life education includes activities like sweeping, tying the shoelaces, buttoning the shirts, polishing the shoes, preparing snacks and drinks on one’s own, visiting the bathroom without taking anybody’s help, and cleaning up if someone has spilled something. This way children love to care for themselves as well as others and the environment.

Unique Evaluation Method: This academy does not confer grades or ranks to students. Students themselves prepare a monthly self evaluation of the previous three months work as what they learnt and enjoyed, what they found difficult and what they would like to study for the next three months. However, the teachers observe and give their remarks as well.

About the Academy: believes in the philosophies of Dr Maria Montessori. It provides a conducive learning environment for the children. This academy strives for the overall development of all the students, be it their mental growth, physical growth, social or emotional development. It provides modern education with innovative techniques as well as makes children promote the social values and self esteem. They learn to share their joy and learning with others.

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