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The Original Flame Inc. has always aimed to transform homes into warm gathering places through the intersection of warmth, style, luxury, and comfort. It's a place that specializes in unique, high quality modern and contemporary fireplaces, fireplace inserts and stoves. Their products are suitable for both contemporary and classic fireplace styling.

The Original Flame Inc. is not restricted to fireplaces only. They also carry cookstoves, BBQs and firebowls too. With expertise in this sector, they also extend efficient chimney and venting solutions, installation and other services. Their product range caters to both indoor and outdoor needs.

Products Offered By the Original Flame Inc.

1. Fireplaces:
Wood Fireplaces - Traditional Wood Fireplaces add a sense of nostalgia creating a warm ambiance, accompanied by the crackling of the fire. The contemporary fireplaces on the market today have evolved to guarantee high efficiency with low emissions.

Gas Fireplaces - Gas Fireplaces offer efficient functionality without the effort of burning wood. These are symbols of the revolutionizing technology as they function without a chimney. They can be controlled using a remote control or a wall thermostat.

Electric Fireplaces - The electric fireplaces can be operated in any weather. They create a perfect setting for long periods eliminating the potential of overheating. Electric fireplaces are convenient to use and install.

Ethanol Fireplaces - These are an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional fireplaces. They function without a chimney as they do not produce any odor or smoke. They burn with a real flame without any hassle and lend a sophisticated look to the room.

2. Stoves:
Gas Stoves - Gas stoves are convenient to use and function efficiently. These modern stoves are designed to heat rooms of all sizes and shapes. They resemble wood stoves perfectly and also render the look and feel of a wood fire.

Wood Stoves - The modern wood stoves are far more efficient than the traditional ones. They provide a greater return on investment and reduce the amount of firewood consumed. They also eliminate the need for wall protection and make cleaning and regular usage of the stove more convenient.

Pellet Stoves - Pellet Stoves are the most efficient stoves which utilize wood pellets as the primary fuel. These stoves depend on electricity and can often create some noise. Pellet Stoves require regular maintenance.

3. Others:
Inserts - They also supply a range of inserts including gas, wood, electric and pellet fireplace inserts.
Cook Stoves - The Original Flame is a leading supplier of wood-burning, electric, gas, and combination cookstoves.
Appliances - They also carry appliances like refrigerators, fridges, microwaves, hoods, dishwashers and wall ovens.
BBQ Saber Grill - They also carry saber grills for BBQs.

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About The Company
The Original Flame Inc. has been assisting people in effectively heating their homes since 2007. They are locally owned and operated, enabling them to serve the residents of Canada better.
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