The Deformation Of The Precision Seamless Tube Is More Even And Stable


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For the manufacture of precision steel pipes, it is necessary to feed the billet into the furnace for heating at a temperature of about 1200 Baidu. Hydrogen is mainly used as a fuel. In the heating process, the temperature control in the furnace is the most important part. It is necessary to control the temperature within a rated range, so as to ensure that the manufactured precision steel pipe can have more stable physical properties.

After the heating is completed, it needs to be cooled by spraying water, because the steel pipe is straightened after cooling, so that the basic prototype of the precision steel pipe can be seen, and the entire manufacturing process is still complicated.

In recent years, the steel pipe market has emerged, a new type of steel pipe, which is a precision seamless steel pipe. Many industries that use steel pipes have begun to choose precision steel pipes. Because of this steel pipe, it has excellent performance. This allows all industries, in the process of use, will not encounter many troublesome problems. Second, because it can adapt to a variety of subsequent processing.

In general, steel pipes are not so stable, and cracks or irregular deformations are likely to occur during processing. Once the pipeline has appeared, some of these problems will bring a lot of follow-up problems. If the deformed part is only a small part, then it is necessary to cut the part directly. But the part that is deformed is already very large.

To ensure the performance of the use, it must be replaced with a new steel pipe. No matter which situation you encounter, no matter which method you choose, it will bring some losses. If you use a precision steel pipe, it will not exist at all, and these aspects are worried. Because of this steel pipe, in the process of production, the pipeline has been strengthened.

This allows the precision seamless steel pipe itself to become more evenly deformed, while allowing one of its parts to harden during the machining process. For example, in the deformed part, after hardening occurs, the deformation can be made without spreading toward other parts where deformation does not occur. This ensures that during use, there will be no damage and loss due to deformation of the pipe.

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