The 4 Best Marketing Practises for 2018


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Steven Conway

When a company decides to implement more effective marketing practices within the current technological climate, there are hundreds of innovative marketing tips available on the internet. However, whether they will help every type of business is another story. One piece of advice is universal: there is no harm in stepping back and analyzing current marketing strategies as a way of researching which areas you should be focused on. There are plenty of smart ways to increase profits quickly but the most important rule is to be flexible and honest in your approach to marketing any product and, it goes without saying, to be aware that all industries are prone to substantial change in 2018.

Observe current trends

The most effective marketing practices this year do not have to cost your company a large portion of its profits. Personalization, loyalty programs, and re-engagement are all brilliant and innovative examples of how you can market products to customers in a way that they will appreciate - and therefore respond to. The world of marketing has changed rapidly since the mass popularity of social media platforms, which means there are plenty of exciting marketing strategies that can be implemented alongside your social media profiles.

Make Use of Add-Ons

If you have an eCommerce store, as every business should, depending on the platform you use, you may be able to use helpful add-ons. For instance, Shopify has plug-ins and add-ons which make marketing, ordering and delivery much easier for the company but also for the customer. Having a streamlined and functional website which is also aesthetically-pleasing is a huge selling point and can help maintain your customers and generate more leads. Navigating Shopify, though, can be quite difficult, especially if you are not technology-savvy. There are many Shopify experts who're available to assist with the set-up of an eCommerce store, such as Blackbelt Commerce, so be sure to utilize these professionals.

Measure your Performance

Marketing has been simplified by a plethora of apps and sites which enable businesses to analyze their performance. Even if you are confident in an existing strategy, by tracking the company's performance in a variety of easy ways, CEOs and marketing professionals alike will be able to optimize current practices. A simple example that helps organizations measure performance accurately within minutes is an email marketing return calculator which enables businesses to keep track of their ROI while gaining precise information about how many dollars they will have accrued through emailed marketing.

Don't Underestimate the Power of Email

Regardless of the type of customer you are trying to interest - or the industry you are marketing on behalf of - email is as imperative today as it has ever been. Research shows that the average individual checks their email on average 110 times a day, and this means contemporary marketing strategies should be tailored to prioritize email. You cannot, however, send "spammy" email, and should instead ensure each email is personalized to the recipient. This will make your email marketing endeavors a lot more successful.

This year there are endless marketing possibilities, but it is important to step back and simplify marketing strategies in 2018 to achieve the best results through effective marketing practices.

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