Suffering from hair loss at a very young age but there is a hope to cure the problem


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You get afraid that everyone will judge you and children might call you ‘uncle’. You will always get this question ‘why are you not getting the treatment?’. But in some cases, people are not concerned about the baldness. Usually, they take this situation in a positive way.

Some people think that they don’t have to spend money on getting their hair cut every month or so. It will save there time in the morning to set the hairs. They don’t have any bad hair day. They don’t have to invest money in hair styling products. However, some people are afraid of being called old at a young age. They don’t want to go out or find an excuse to go outside with there friends. But, you should not lose hope because there is still hope that you can cure the problem and get your hairs back.
New hope for hair loss patients

However, the problem of hair loss in men is more prominent as the signs of hair fall can be seen at a very young age. If the issue is not treated at the right time then it results in balding. There are many researchers who have been trying to find new methods to cure the problem of hair loss. Earlier the problem was seen in men and women after the age of 30. Now, there are many cases that have been reported at a very young age.

• The best treatment which is available is hair transplant. The results of this treatment are effective and they also last for a long time. During the surgery, the hair follicles are taken from the back of the scalp and then they are transplanted on the affected area. At the end of the surgery, the patient will have the same amount of hair but now they are more evenly distributed on the scalp. The patient will notice redness and swelling on the scalp for some days. After one year from the surgery, the patient will have the natural looking hairs.
• The most effective medicines to treat balding are minoxidil (for men and women) and finasteride (for men only). However, these medicines will only reverse the process of hair loss but they are not effective for hair growth.
• Some research has been made which discovered that stem cell therapy can also be used to treat the problem of balding. However, the effectiveness of the treatment is still a major question. A study is still going on to evaluate the entire procedure properly. In addition to this, the medications are prescribed for a long time as compared to the treatment of hair transplant.
• The researchers also found that a medication developed to treat osteoporosis contain a compound WAY-316606. This results in a dramatic effect on hair follicles and in the growth of hairs.
No doubt, the new methods of treatment are exciting as they provide different options to the patients. Before going choosing any one method, consult the doctor for the best advice.
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