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Liverpool, UK - Are you or someone you are close to caught in the misery of Substance Addiction - destructive, cyclical behaviour with no apparent solution?

It is a terrifying predicament and one which can consume an individual or entire family.

Such a nightmare situation can develop silently over a period of weeks, months or years and once a certain invisible line has been crossed the damage can appear irreversible.

It is the brutal truth outlined above which lead Fenella Price to establish Substance Rehabilitation Ltd. in October 2017.

The world of rehabilitation facilities is deceptively vast. Until help is sought, the fact that it is not simply identifying “A Treatment Centre to attend”, but rather one which offers a programme accurately aligned to the specifics of a person’s problems, is not always clear.

Substance Rehabilitation Ltd. operates as a referral hub to ensure every incoming distress call leads to the rapid provision of vital information. By providing details of several facilities, seamless access to a suitable Treatment Centre becomes possible – Our Professional Network spans the UK and beyond.

It is important to appreciate that each centre is privately operated and therefore the cost of treatment varies considerably – your consultant at Substance Rehabilitation Ltd. will be able to provide accurate pricing applicable to each option and specific details as to what is included in this cost.

If you have reached the point where you need our assistance, you will likely have recognised through painful experience that only a small window of opportunity during which a person will be truly receptive to accepting help will arise, and just as quickly disappear.

By engaging Substance Rehabilitation Ltd. we make it possible to avoid mentally draining, duplicated conversations with countless centres which only clouds the true, life-saving need: To secure admission to the correct facility and treatment to arrest the pain and suffering whilst the individual is willing.

Substance Rehabilitation was formed to reduce the lapse between identifying the problem and administering effective treatment of a progressive and deadly disease which has reached epidemic proportions globally, and for which there is no known cure.

We as an organisation possess the knowledge and tools to combat and secure assistance for every possible manifestation of the disease of addiction.

Our professional network is formed of those treatment centres which go above and beyond with tailored programmes to tackle the intricacies of this disease…. Furthermore, we know the precise strengths of each of our member clinics.

When a life is in the balance it is not simply to a centre of excellence, but rather the correct centre of excellence to which the suffering addict must be referred - we never ever forget that Addiction is "Cunning Baffling and Powerful".

By understanding the ethos of each centre we provide you with the best possible opportunity to form a solid foundation on which to base your recovery. The initial phase of the process – a free consultation with a professional consultant - will guide you through the first vital step: We will explore and qualify your specific needs in terms of the variables of your problems ensuring appropriate treatment centres are identified.

The foundation of the programme must be accurately aligned in order to afford you and your family the greatest possible opportunity to prevail over this illness.

Just as the problem is multi-facetted and impossible to truly define, so are the solutions – Each programme is organic; something to be conceived in treatment; thereafter nurtured and maintained through aftercare services, 12-step meetings and working closely with a Sponsor.

Our history in this field allows us to truly understand the industry - A vital part of Substance Rehabilitation’s function is to rapidly assess needs, identify a small number of viable treatment centres which align to the specifics of your situation and confidentially help to recognise the right place and get you or your loved one there whilst receptive to treatment.

The first step in resolving any problem is accepting that it exists – In the case of addiction this can prove to be a huge obstacle to overcome prior to it even being possible to move towards a workable solution. It is for this reason that one of our additional available services is that of a Structured Intervention

Such is the power of addiction is it commonplace for an individual who is fully immersed in the grip of this disease to take refuge in denial; fully blocking the truth which is apparent to those around them – especially close friends and family.

An intervention is designed to encourage an individual to seek professional help for their addiction as opposed to forcing treatment upon them – something which is rarely effective.

When a situation has been ongoing for a period of time the lying and deceit associated with using can become so deeply entrenched that an individual truly cannot see the seriousness of their situation.

An intervention takes the form of a structured, controlled and non-threatening approach to raising the subject without directly challenging the person trapped in active addiction.

Such an approach is generally undertaken by highly trained professionals and in close consultation with the family of the individual in trouble.

This method of attempting to guide the addicted individual to realising the impact of their actions and the true gravity of the given situation may take place over a period of days, weeks or even months.

Intervention can serve to assist a family in reaching the ‘end goal’ and for the individual to actually request external assistance to combat the challenges they are facing, as opposed to feeling it is being imposed upon them.

There is little more extreme illustration of the insidious nature of addiction than an individual in complete denial. This situation arises as a result of the combination of physical withdrawals, financial pressures and the guilt, shame and resentment created by the ongoing using.

A formal intervention may be needed to make a ‘breakthrough’ without prompting a knee-jerk, possibly violent response from the person in need of assistance. This is the reason that an orchestrated intervention is designed to be non-threatening and to indirectly highlight the destructive nature of the dependent individual’s behaviour upon loved ones.

Substance Rehabilitation has access to highly trained personnel who, through careful consultation and preparation can assist in carrying out a controlled intervention. Through such an approach a seriously unwell individual may be admitted to professional structured – most likely residential care – without fear of escalating an already delicate situation.

Speak to your dedicated Substance Rehabilitation Consultant in regard to the availability of supervised intervention services to break the pattern of addictive behaviour and assist your loved one in realising they are in need of the professional help available at:


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7 Gambrel Close, Walton,
Liverpool, L9 1BF, UK
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