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We'd like to offer a new fishing method within the Fishing Guild, exclusively available to those who are willing to put in a bit of extra leg work.A fisherman, found on a newly constructed platform within the guild, is having a bit of trouble. He wants minnows to use as bait, but they're a bit too agile for him to catch.He has, however, managed to net in the minnows into a couple of 2007 rs gold small areas beneath the platform. If you have what it takes to catch minnows, you can trade them to him in exchange for sharks!Minnow fishing would be possible a new platform erected in the northern end of the Fishing Guild. Accessing this platform and catching minnows would have the following requirements:

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Level 82 Fishing:Full Angler's Outfit (only required once, to unlock access to the platform)

Completion of Fishing Contest

The rapidly changing locations of fishing spots, and occasional appearance of flying fish who have a bad habit of stealing your minnows, would make fishing on this platform more click intensive than most other methods.With such hefty requirements, and a need for constant attention, fishing minnows would be suitably rewarding:The average experience rate at level 82 Fishing would be roughly 16,500 XP per hour, with the average GP per hour being roughly 275k.At level 99 Fishing, the average experience rate would be roughly 24,750 XP per hour, with the average GP per hour being roughly 425k.

Question: Should minnow fishing be added as an expansion to the Fishing Guild? Minnow fishing is a more click-intensive fishing method, with rapidly moving fishing spots and other distractions. Accessing the minnow fishing platform would require level 82 Fishing, completion of Fishing Contest and a full Angler's Outfit. Minnows can be exchanged for sharks by talking to the Fisherman found on the fishing platform. It would provide an average of 24,750 XP per hour at level 99, as well as an average of 425k GP per hour at level 99.Question: Should an invisible +7 Fishing boost be applied within the Fishing Guild? This would stack with other stats boosts, such as the Dragon Harpoon.


There are a number of places a Make-X option is available, but there is no option to Make-All. While this is a small difference, having to Make-X and enter an arbitrary large number definitely becomes a drag after doing it a few hundred times.There isn't any particular reason why Make-All is only available in certain places, other than how recently the content was updated prior to August 2007 (the basis on which Old School is built).

We recently saw over 95% approval for Make-All options to accompany existing Make-X options in a recent in-game survey. Unfortunately, were a bit too deep into other projects to deliver it at the time.We're pleased to say that we can now offer this update!

Currently, many of the existing Make-X interfaces use a pre-2006 interface format for which our developer tools no longer work. Editing them would first require them all to be recreated in a newer format, just to add the extra right-click option to them individually. Doing this would slow down the project considerably, for no real benefit.
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