Sessions of Spiritual Birthing and Spiritual Vortex Tours


Contact Information
Claudia Granger, Psychic Medium
23 Last Wagon Circle, Sedona, AZ 86336
Arizona - 86336
United States
Welcome to our brand new Psychic services. You can choose from a plethora of different methods of getting supported and healed and feel better. Claudia is a Clairvoyant and a Soul-Empath which enables her to see through themany lives and purposes, strengths and weaknesses, karmas and life tendencies. Your and her guiding ones sit together at the table and confer to help. Claudia functions as the transmitter for their guidance and suggestions. Our Phone Psychic services are also available for everyone. Most of her services can get recorded if you wish, at no additional charge. You just need to tell us your preferred day and time and leave your phone number and address with us. You may also gift our services to any of your friends or family members at 20% discount rate.

The Mediumship Sessions at the School of Wholeness Navigation in Sedona are among the most loved sessions. In these sessions, Claudia and her guiding group members help you in connecting to your loved ones. Though there is no guarantee for these sessions as they can’t control the participation of your crossed over loved ones, it is always astounding to know about the existence of your crossed over loved ones live. Her Mediumship success rate is extremely high. Clearings of a Person is considered one of the exclusive features of this school, as seen on the TV show “A Haunting” (Destination America, Episode “Vision of Terror”). It can be done in person or long distance. Claudia and her group is fast in determining the factors that make you feel manipulated by something or some bad dreams. Claudia and her students not only help you clear the feeling, but the balancing sessions also promise to eliminate any reason for its further occurrence. The clearing sessions of any type are charged according to the case. We also certify you on how to do sound Past Life Regression at our school. Numerology and many other classes are available.

Claudia has started 2 regular Radio and TV shows, where you can learn about spirit, the paranormal and your own psychic experiences. She believes that information about the unseen diminishes the fear of it.
Tune into Psychic Education Radio TV, live on Ask 1 Psychic Radio (A1R, also FB) every Wednesday from 9:30pm to 10pm EST. If you missed the show or you would like your questions discussed, check it out on the school’s FB page @ClaudiaGrangerPscyhicMedium, where you also can leave messages.

On Mondays from 5pm EST you can hear her live on Journey into the light online radio, which you can also find on FB.

The School of Wholeness Navigation provides you with Certification in Reiki, Trauma Release Work, Past Life Regression and many other Healing Modalities. Besides healing, counseling and coaching, Claudia, with over 30 years of experience, offers multi-dimensional sessions of spiritual birthing and spiritual Vortex Tours. The customized Spiritual Retreats are a perfect way to relax and let go of your stress. The school and Claudia also specializes in doing weddings in nature. They have a lot to offer. So, call and book us immediately!
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