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Everybody waited eagerly for it and when it was officially announced people went mad for it, but why? The Samsung Galaxy S3 has to be the phone of the year, with such incredible features, a beautiful design and the waiting that people did for it. With thousands of pre orders for this mobile before people even knew what it did this S3 was always going to be something special, and following on from the incredible Samsung Galaxy S2 it had to be something big.

The S3 was inspired by nature so offers a beautifully curved body, seamless and slim, a comfortable hold and smooth feel. Featuring a larger screen at 4.8 Inches, this HD Super AMOLED touch screen shows off everything to amazing quality. Navigation is effortless and seamless as you glide from screen to screen and features come to life fluidly.

Android Operated, like the rest of the Samsung Galaxy Family, this S3 offers full access to Google Play so entertainment is available in huge amounts, games, Books, Movies and Apps, something for everyone. Also with Google Mobile Services on the go you do not have to be stuck to your computer if you want to use Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps or Google Search. Then there is Android Beam, letting you wirelessly connect with other NFC enabled devices, so you can share data, multimedia, webpages, photos and videos easy and quick, all with just a tap of the phone.

If that entertainment is not enough then Samsung have added their own features to keep you busy. Game Hub bring you even more of a selection of games, Music Hub gets you all of your favourite songs and albums and lets you create your own playlists so you can listen to your music as and when you want. Social Hub brings all of your messages, notifications, emails and calls together, so you do not have to search around to see what Facebook notifications you have or what messages you have missed, then there is Readers Hub, bringing even more books to your hands, your childhood classics or the newest releases. Finally there is Samsung Apps, bringing you thousands more Apps to add some fun or ease to your life. With an App for almost everything now you can use your phone instead of checking the internet or having to go places and get on with the more important things in life.

Samsung wanted to go one step ahead with their S3 so have added some extra special features to this phone yet to be seen on mobiles before. Direct Call, knowing when you want to talk, when you are mid texting and decide that calling would be easier, just lift your phone to your ear and the S3 recognises you want to call that person and automatically makes the call for you. Smart Stay, making reading on your phone easier than ever by knowing when you are looking at the phone and keeping it bright for you, only going dim when you are no longer looking at the phone. Then there is Smart Alert, informing you about missed calls and messages with a vibrating nudge when you pick up your phone, just so you never miss out on important calls and messages.

This S3 offers more to the mobile phone, proving that technology is becoming more advanced than ever. So what will there be next?
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