Rent or Buy our Forklifts or Lift Trucks: Which is better?


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We see that some of our customers have a hard time determining whether to rent or buy their forklift or lift truck. With all the different options on the market, it isn't always clear whether the ideal choice is to buy new, buy used forklifts for sale, lease, or rent your material handling equipment. There are a number of different variables for your management staff to consider and also the aim of this site is to help identify some of those questions you will need to ask yourself, in addition to discussing some pros and cons of every option.


Like any other investment determining whether to buy or opt for forklift rental Houston services, all comes down to a price evaluation. Price issues you need to consider include how much you have to spend up front and monthly, how long you can afford this cost, maintenance costs if an issue arises, and interest rates should you plan on financing the costs.

Going together with your cost considerations ought to become your usage considerations. Beyond determining whether you'll need the forklift for a couple of days, months, or years, you will also have to consider how frequently you'll use it, what uses you need it for, and whether or not your business will function without one in the event of a care problem. Will the care happen on place by an employee or are you going to require forklift service professionals such as our team at Large Lift Trucks?

Purchasing VS Renting

When you can answer the initial questions above, you can determine whether you'd be better suited for leasing or buying your forklift.

- Buying or leasing a new forklift is best suited to people who possess heavy and frequent use. There's a comparatively consistent cost you are able to plan for each month, and you will not need to be concerned about service since the forklift is brand new. You'll require a significant upfront investment or decent credit though, and since the equipment ages, it won't be getting the latest and best technician.

- Buying a used forklift may save you a little money in the beginning, and as long as the forklift is in great working order the long term ongoing costs could be significantly less than renting. You will be missing some of the newest technology improvements once more, and will need to ensure that all current standards are met.

- However opting for forklift rental Houston services is a much lower price up front, and you are able to plan on a constant cost monthly as long as maintenance isn't required. This also allows you to get access to the most up-to-date equipment and technology. If the forklift starts to get obsolete, you are able to look into renting a newer version. You'll continue to pay for the lease in perpetuity though, so if your job is long-term or the equipment is necessary for the day-to-day operations you may consider buying rather.

If you need advice on what's the best alternative for your business and your distinctive situation, our seasoned team at Large Lift Trucks will be pleased to help you make the ideal option. If you already know exactly what you need, we can help get you a new or used forklift or forklift rental today. Simply contact us through our form or through the contact number above. We look forward to your call, and will be pleased to help!
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