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Website owners want their website to perform at its best, to draw traffic and to generate sales. What they do not know is that for this to happen they have to invest in the right tools such as a website visitor tracking integrated CRM that is designed to help them understand the behavior of their visitors. If you are tired of unproductive calls and wasted time you should not hesitate to implement the power dialer for your outbound sales operation.

The whole reason of having a website is to increase conversions but what do you do when this does not happen? Can you assess how efficient your optimization strategies are? The fact of the matter is that no optimization strategy guarantees complete success and this is why it is imperative to know what to look for, to measure the success of your website. How can you measure success of marketing campaigns in a new way? You can start by using website visitor tracking that is meant to help you understand your visitors' browsing statistics. You should not forget the fact that there is a story behind the numbers that you see and if you can review actionable data that leverages the latest cookie technology, then you will be able to make new and improved marketing decisions.

It is not easy to maintain a successful e-commerce website. Also, it is important to know where your traffic comes from, if your marketing strategies bring any visitors and so on. Do your visitors leave your website when they are on a particular page? Are your sales people sending the right emails to direct people to the proper pages and assets on your website? It is best to take into account all of the visitors from their various sources and see their browsing flows on your website, what pages they visit, how much time they spend on your website and so on.

Traffic that originates from emails that is sent after a prospect talks to one of your sales people and does not generate any leads should be a cause for alarm. It would indicate that there is a clear problem that is not being solved and there is a disconnect between what the visitor wants and what the business thinks that the prospect wants. You need real time visitor statistics that provide useful and easy to access information right from within your CRM.

The wonderful thing about visitor tracking is that it enables you to see who visits your site, what pages they view and for how long and also it provides statistics for the visitors that return to your site. This is useful because with the data you get about your visitors and their specific behavior can easily turn visitors into customers. By using the website visitor tracking reporting, a business will be able to tell how efficient the messaging is and what needs to be improved to increase conversion rates.

It is common knowledge that businesses implement cloud-based call centers to increase efficiency but only few of them provide first class service. Many times, call center agents waste their time with looking for leads to call, discovering incorrect numbers, unanswered calls and dropped calls and this affects their productivity in a negative way. How would you like to be able to filter out all of these numbers? How would you like to organize sales information, customer history, call back information with the help of a tool like the Power Dialer. A power dialer is a tool that you pay for and it is totally worth the investment once you begin to use it. By using a power dialer CRM, your call agents will be able to prioritize their calls, take notes and schedule follow up tasks without leaving the power dialer.

Implementing a CRM will help your customer service also agents make the most of their time and deliver impeccable customer service. Your agents will receive screen-pops when an incoming call is coming in which they can pick up and be connect. If you do not want to miss an important lead or customer, agents can always resort to manually pausing and resuming their call queue process. A power dialer CRM is responsible for making your contact call center function efficiently and leading your business to happier customers. Once a business begins using a power dialer, they are typically very pleased with the speed of results and the results typically only get better.

Would you like to enhance the productivity of your call center? Sign up today for free and experience the latest cutting-edge Power Dialer ( ) CRM. If you have any questions, please contact our support team through LiveChat. We offer our clients a CRM that includes a wide range of business management tools including website visitor tracking ( ) for helping your sales team better understand your anonymous traffic.
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