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For a long time, the mini games in RuneScape have become less and less crowded. Although some mini?games are still quite popular among players, most of?mini?games are now forever empty.?How come no one plays the mini games anymore? What do you think should be done to the dead mini?games?

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How come no one plays the mini games anymore?

Mini?games have been part of Runescape for over a decade and are on a decline?slowly due to being ignored for years.?Fewer and fewer of RS players buy RuneScape 3 gold for playing mini games. For one thing, there is no advantage in playing mini game for players who want to get rewards. Treasure hunter xp and bonus xp rewards have substituted?this from mini games, along with skill outfits. For another thing, as no one plays mini games in RS 3, it becomes a waste of development time for Jagex to re-vamp mini games. The idea as said before will make the games more fun/active/competitive?die out.

How can Jagex revive certain dead mini games?

In order to revive certain dead mini games, the first thing Jagex need to do is offering more attractive and worthwhile rewards, XP or items similar to DG rewards. Do not make rewards option from mini games. Then add mini game challenge to daily task every day for a small?reward. For instance, play 2 games of castle wars to win some tickets, by which players can make up runescape 3 gold quickly. This would be an excellent way to encourage people to get back?into mini game. Besides, Jagex should pay more attention to it. Minigames have a community that steadily gets smaller due to the lack of Jmods to hear players.

As for improving mechanics, it seems useless to the fact RS?demographic has changed and the vast majority of players aren't interested in mini games unless they?can gain worthwhile rewards or make RS 3 money easily?from mini games.

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