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Are you facing DWI or any other kind of criminal charges in Lubbock? If you are nodding your head for yes, you need to seek defense under the assistance of a skilled lawyer. Make sure that you go with the one who excels in handling such matters. It’s better not to discuss anything about the incident with anyone before taking advice from your lawyer.

Somehow, if you are arrested for DUI or DWI charges, it’s necessary to take quick and right action as the clock is ticking. Legal experts dealing with such cases know the procedure for addressing issues in a court of law, arguing in the best interest of their clients in front of a judge, or acting in a way that ensures fair dealing of clients by the police.

At times, people are wrongfully accused of DWI (Driving while intoxicated) charges and this is where a certified DWI attorney Lubbock comes into play. Basically, human body process alcohol at various rates and hence the rule of taking a single drink per hour may not work. Make a note, different variables can alter like your body mass, index, alertness before drinking, condition of liver and weight etc.

During the interrogation process, you must come clean about how many drinks you have consumed otherwise you may have to face legal trouble. Remember; you should never say ‘zero drinks’ as it may appear suspicious rather you must consult your lawyer.

To seek right defense against criminal charges, you must knock at the door of a skilled criminal defense attorney Lubbock. Whether it’s about family laws, divorce cases or drug offense, legal guidance is must to get everything handled formally. It has been found that many people “slip through the cracks” more often which results into facing harsher charges and sentences than they should and all because of the wrong representation of their case. Don’t be a statistic to it and take legal assistance on right time.

Consulting right lawyer on right time will get the charges dismissed, reduce punishments or possibly get you off scot free. And Seymore Law Firm is there to help you out. They can provide assistance regarding personal injury cases, family law and criminal defense. After all, it’s better to opt for legal entanglement with someone who actually knows the ropes. For more details, you can simply log onto

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