Pros & Cons of Trophy (Big Game) Hunting


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Think you know exactly how you feel about this topic? Don't be so sure. There are pros and cons to everything and whether you're for or against this type of hunting, maybe you will feel a little differently after checking this article out.

Don't forget to watch the 2 video links in this article as well. The first explains why it might be a good thing and the second is why people are opposed to it.

One thing is common in both arguments, poaching and destruction of the animals natural environment causes more harm than anything to all species; endangered or otherwise.

Keep in mind this article is from the Department of Conservation in the UK but the thoughts are universal.

Of course National Geographic is weighing in on the controversy as well. Check out what they're saying here:

What are your thoughts after reading these viewpoints? Still the same as before or has your opinion swayed after seeing the other point of view?

Whether you believe in the hunt for a trophy or not, I think we can all agree that if the entire animal can be used to help the local community by providing meat to the villagers and not laying out to rot while only the trophy parts are harvested, that would be a step in the right direction. Making sure the monies actually make it to the proper authorities and legally hunting with a proper guide might also get more people seeing the pros. You will always of course, have the animal rights enthusiasts that will NEVER agree to hunting animals for any reason as well.

When it comes to opinions, neither side is actually “wrong” and sometimes you must agree to disagree in a civilized world.

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