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Mobistore is an innovative mobile self storage company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Locally owned and operated, Mobistore was born in 2012 out of a desire to do things better. Mobistore founder and CEO, Glen Reid (who is a born inventor) decided to research the industry and saw an opportunity to provide an easy, hassle-free, and reliable solution to moving and storage that was much more superior to what others were offering out there. He discovered that there was a huge demand for an easier, safer and more convenient self-storage than what was being offered by most providers out there. To meet this demand, Glen put his ingenuity to work and came up with the unique Mobistore trailer system that offers a better mobile storage solution for busy individuals with more stuff or goods than they can fit into their houses or businesses. So thatís how Mobistore came about.

Why Choose Mobistore As Your Mobile Self-Storage Provider

There are so many advantages to using mobile self storage over regular storage for the things you might not have room for in your home or business. If you have ever used a regular self-storage service, you already know how time-consuming and inconveniencing the whole process can be. Storing and moving stuff through a conventional self storage service often means having to hire a moving truck or utility, packing the container, then loading up with your goods and driving across town where youíll still need to do more work of unloading and repacking your stuff into the self storage unit.

A mobile self-storage service makes this process easier and less stressful by providing a mobile storage unit that you can pack that you can pack at your own convenience, doesnít require to be loaded into a truck using ramps or other means, and doesnít require you to do tedious unloading. With mobile self-storage, the service provider will deliver a mobile storage unit to your home or business and leave it there to allow you to pack at your own pace (you can even store it at your own place). Once youíre finished with packing, the service provider will come and pick it back up on their truck and move your goods to your desired location. This way, you will be able to enjoy a more flexible, cost-effective and secure way to move your stuff than conventional self-storage.

Mobistore is Aucklandís most innovative mobile self storage provider. We offer the most innovative, flexible and convenient mobile self-storage solution ever! Our Mobistore Auckland system makes storage and moving simpler and more cost effective for everyone in Auckland.

Unlike what other providers have out there, we offer mobile self storage units that arenít physically connected to a truck; and, not only that, our self storage units typically sit on the ground Ė which means there are no potentially dangerous or difficult ramps to navigate as you do the packing and unpacking. These units are not only safer, but also make it easier to pack and unpack all your stuff and can save you time and effort.

Whatís more, Mobistore Auckland self storage units are more flexible and take less space and can be maneuvered into more places. When you engage our Mobistore Auckland service, we will bring the mobile self storage unit to you and place it on the most convenient space on your property. We will then collect it from your property and drop it off when and where you want.

To make things even better, we donít have annoying deadlines. We will deliver the mobile self storage unit to your door and position it so you can easily and safely load all your stuff. There is no time pressure, or tedious loading onto a truck Ė when you are done, youíll just need to lock it and give us a call. We will come and collect your Mobistore Auckland self-storage unit and take your goods to your our storage facility or other desired location.

Call us today on 00800 662 478 or 09 415 2563 to book your Mobistore unit today and enjoy an easy and stress-free move and storage. Just visit our website for more information about our services.
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