Plastic Machining Company offers a full line of Poly Hi Solidur replacement parts


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[Plastic Machining Company]( offers a full line of Poly Hi Solidur replacement parts. Interchangeable with metal counterparts, the Poly Hi Solidur product line includes bearings, shaft collars, sprockets, pulleys, gears and gear racks, chain guides and wear strips.

Our Poly Hi Solidur replacement components are manufactured from the highest quality industrial polymers including high-performance Tivar grades of UHMW-PE, oil filled nylon, nylon 6, nylon MDS, acetal, and PTFE. Our parts are engineered to be self-lubricating, tough, lightweight, and resistant to abrasion, corrosion, moisture, and harsh chemicals.

Poly Hi Solidur Bearing Products

[Bearing selections]( range from block bearings to mounted bearings with self-aligning inserts and shaft protectors. Mounted bearings (with Acetal housings) are available for use with mounted bearings that have polymer inserts. Stainless steel shaft protectors are available for use with mounted bearings that have polymer inserts. Roll end bearings are designed to press fit into tubing and serve as wear resistant, non-lubricated bearings for steel or PVC rollers.

Our shaft collars and split clamping collars offer high corrosion resistance and strength at a reasonable cost. Shaft collars are supplied with stainless steel set and clamp screws.

Poly Hi Solidur Drive & Power Transmission Products

Plastic Machining Company also offers a variety of Poly Hi Solidur drive products: [single and double pitch roller chain sprockets](, agriculture, mill and water treatment sprockets, pulleys, gears and gear racks. All of these products are manufactured from durable polymer materials that offer wear and noise reduction advantages over comparable metal products. Most of our products are available in food grade materials that require no additional lubrication.

Polymer gears and sprockets experience a reduction in dynamic loading over metal parts because their flexibility allows for greater tooth deflection under load, increasing the components load capacity. As an example, a replacement sprockets ability to deform slightly distributes the chain laid evenly over several teeth, which will typically allow it to support the full working load of the corresponding chain.

Poly Hi Solidur Stationary & Conveyor Products

In addition to bearing and power transmission products (drive products), Plastic Machining Company offers a full line of Poly Hi Solidur stationary parts, generally used for conveyor components. UHMW-PE is most common for these parts and comes in many grades, including static dissipative and oil filled products. Stationary parts include straight, curved, and corner tracks (with or without extensions), [wear strips](, chain guides, chain guide raceways, belt guides, profiles, rails, and washers.

Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries

Plastic Machining Company provides Poly Hi Solidur part solutions to myriad industries, including:
* Bakeries
* Brewing/Bottling Plants
* Car Washes
* Chemical Processing
* Cleanrooms
* Dairy Processors
* Film Processors
* Food Processors
* Fruit & Vegetable Processors
* Highway Salt & Sand Trucks
* Lumber
* Maritime/Marine Applications
* Material Handling
* Meat/Poultry/Seafood Processors
* Metal Detectors
* Packaging
* Pharmaceutical Processors
* Pulp & Paper Mills
* Refrigeration Plants
* Wafer Polishers
* Water and Wastewater Treatment

Plastic Machining Company (PMC) provides industry leading plastic machining, semi-finished sheet and rod, custom-designed and OEM parts, as well as plastic replacements for metal power transmission components. PMC plastic sheet, rod, and parts are crafted from high-performance materials from Quadrant, Cast Nylons, Ensinger, Poly-Hi Solidur and other resin converters, manufactured with precision state-of-the-art CNC routers, mills, and lathes. PMC parts scale from over twenty feet long and ten inches thick to parts that can rest on the tip of a finger. PMC can produce most custom parts within fifteen working days. Contact a PMC representative for specifics. Call 877-239-4338 or visit [](
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