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Mobile Development and Web Development hold the prime service as Digitization has come into action. Various technologies have been used to design and develop websites. Earlier the web application was developed using technologies like PHP and using the database, which lacks scalability and was difficult to redevelop to a new platform.

JavaScript has also an important role in the development of web applications at the Client side technology and had avast role in front-end development. But with the coming of NodeJS, Javascript also acts as a Back-end technology.

NodeJS is a server-side Scripting language which uses Java Script to build servers and network applications and helps running scripts server-side to produce dynamic web page content before the page is sent to the user's web browser.

NodeJS is an Opensource, cross-platform, and run time environment platform allows to test the software before being executed, so any bugs or errors found and can be fixed. It's an asynchronous, non-blocking, event-driven I/O system and helps in reducing the complexity of writing server applications. It enables to build Network API with various networking protocols like HTTP, TCP, TLS/SSL, and UDP. It also provides a well-functional library of various JavaScript modules that make easier the development of web applications using this platform to a large extent.

Some other benefits of this development technology are as follows:-

Helps to develop flexible real-time applications.
Increased Productivity by removing the gap between front and back end.
Used as a Proxy server.
Better Web-Hosting.
Very fast in code execution.
Less Buffering of data
Go with Data Streaming

Mobiloitte being a top Mobile and Web development Company develops Web apps with NodeJS Development Technology which helps to provide you user-friendly applications. Our Node.js developers are highly skilled, experienced, and certified professionals, dedicated to developing applications which involve fusion of latest technologies making the best use of Node.js features.
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