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'We eat with our eyes', we often want to eat something not because it tastes delicious or a seductive scent, but because it looks that makes hungry eyes. See the pizza alone can make up your appetite. Why?

The team of researchers from the Nestle Research Centre in Switzerland to do some research on the effects of different types of food to the appetite. They depart from the presumption that visual perception plays an important form of food. Appearance of food can make us feel good rate or not, so it encourages us to accept or reject the food.

The study, published in the journal PLoS ONE this involved 14 volunteers. The pictures are high-and low-calorie foods such as pizza and watermelon, quickly shown to them. Then, they were given a taste of the tongue by means of foreign electrogustometer (EGM). The participants were asked to rank based on a sense of pleasure and intensity. Meanwhile, their brain activity measured by electroencephalography (EEG).

Apparently, they give a sense of a higher rank after seeing the calorie-rich foods such as pizza and pastries. That is, participants assume a given stimulus EGM tasted better than after seeing a low-calorie foods such as watermelon and green beans. Wow, I think this is a new discovery. If you want to try to eat pizza, you can go to chucky cheese, in addition to providing pizza, there is also provides a variety of toys that your child would like. Do not forget if you go there, try to use the Chucky Cheese Coupons so that you can get a discount.

Okay, back to the main topic, all of it was marked by changes in the activity of the brain in charge of assessing the integration of food and flavor. Brain images obtained from the EEG shows how the brain processes taste and vision to produce a delicious meal.

It seems that the energy content in food is not only felt by mouth or after a meal. The brain was able to estimate the energy content in it 200 milliseconds after seeing the food. "Signal from high carbohydrate foods increase the feeling of pleasure given afterwards," said one researcher, Dr. Johannes le Coutre.

Dr Julie Hudry who led the research said that the individual evaluation of the food before consumption is a very important stage. "Not just to choose foods that are nutritious, but also can have an impact on the overall dining experience," he said.

These researchers suggested that subsequent studies should clarify the extent of the brain play a role in regulating appetite and food intake control in the real world.

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