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DELHI - 201011
: Horse Breeders came together to foster an unbridled bond in raising awareness about the various breeds of Indian Horses. And for the first time, under the aegis of, create a digital database of Horses, Horse breeders and Horse enthusiasts.

The unanimous decision among the four stud farms from Ahmedabad and other parts of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi & Maharashtra, is that even though the Indian Horse breeds are known for their looks, hardiness, stamina and survival skills, the need of the hour is for the Indian Government to Initiate a dialogue around the preservation of Heritage and History of Indian Horses.

Talking about the benefits of, Mr.Dhiren Kumar Patel, Shaurya Stud Farma, said, "Something like this was the need of the hour today. While everyone talks about various other breeds of horses from across the world there is very little known about the various traits that the 9 breeds of Indian Horses possess. I am happy that the passion that everyone here has shown will go a long way in the preservation of the Indian breeds of Horses".

Showing his concern for Indian horse breed, Mr.Dharmendra Patel, from Patel Farms further added, "Even after 70 years of Independence, The Indian Government still ignores the spectacular and strong breeds of Indian Horses and prefers thorough foreign breeds of horses be it for Army, Police work and even the Presidents cavalcade. This is causing loss to the exchequer".

The breeders and lovers who were present have been involved in this passion of raising and the upkeep of the horses since nearly 10 generations.

Horse lover and breeder Mr. A.K Jadeja, from Jadeja Stud Farms continued, "On one side people are ignoring Indian Breeds as a result of which farmers who are rearing Indian breed of horses are not getting their value. They sell them for half the price or at times even less, when they need money".

Focusing people's attention towards the topic Mr.Parin Patel from AP Stud Farms said, "At last for the betterment of these Farmers, Horse breeders from across the country are joining hands to create awareness regarding Indian breeds of Horses. For the first time all the Horse Lovers & breeders, by coming together on one platform, have created a digital database by the name of".

Mr Deepak Khanna, MD Alba Info Solutions Pvt.Ltd said," is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country, where anyone interested in horses for any reason (Information or Business) can navigate the Google Map under the 'Stud Farm' tab on the website, to access a well classified information on the Horse owners, USP & Description of horses across the country. One can know about horse owners, study stud farms and get connected with them in a very organised manner under one Umbrella".

The Indian Horse breeds are of Six varieties. Not just are they a source of great pride in India - many of these breeds seem to be highly regional and possess a variety of bloodline strains.These include

- Marwari - Native to the Marwari region of India, the Marwari horse is a rare breed known for its hardiness and upturned ears. A Traditionally used as a cavalry horse
- Bhutia originates from Sikkim and Darjeeling.
- Kathiawari - originating from Kathiawari, Western India
- Manipuri Pony is a combination of Arabian and wild horses or Tibetan ponies.
- Zaniskari - A small breed of mountain horse that comes from northern India. It originates from the Zanskar Valley in Kargil and is quite like Spiti horses. - It's a sure-footed breed and can handle temperatures which drop as low as -40C
- Deccani - prized possession of Dhangar women in Indian. Located in the Deccan plateau, these horses are used as general work horses. They transport cargo.

Breeders expect the Government (both Central & State) to formulate policies pertaining to the following:
- Export of Horses - If trade of horses is legalized and regulated as the case across the world, it will open gates for Indian Horses to compete at the Global Level, since these Indian Horses have additional traits of beauty along with strength & speed.
- Insurance of Horses for Farmers- Since most of the horses today are raised for financial purposes, the breeders expect the government to provide with an insurance cover so that the farmers can be financially secure.
- Trade with ASEAN Countries- Export policies to Neighboring countries should be framed and given a kick start. For Instance, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and even Pakistan, all have a high demand for Horses.

All of these above steps will further motivate people.

This is just the beginning, with the passing of time; '' will be translated in 7 languages to ensure ease of access of Information to Farmers and other regional Horse Owners, who are interested in horses across the country. is an informatory website that contains content (videos- horse riding tips, horse health and maintenance etc.) and various steps towards lead generation with the potential of converting into good business. So far 50 Stud farms have been registered on the website. Anyone, from a Celebrity to a Farmer, owning a horse and interested in Horse business (Buying/selling) Indian Horse breeds can register with the portal at INR 2500 per horse for a year.

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Alba Info Solutions Pvt Ltd. is the brain child of horse lovers Deepak Khanna and KunalChahar who realised the lack of cohesive information about Indian Horses, their conditions and trading limits. Both Entrepreneurs and enthusiastic individuals joined forces to use their personal skill sets and knowledge to create the first venture www.horsesofindia .com to enable India's 1st digital database of Horses and breeders.

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