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Tree Top Pros, a tree service company based in Miami, Florida shows that *US$1bn in energy savings is available to Florida residents as a direct result of planting shade trees in their yards. The potential cost savings for each single family, owned-property, household in Florida averages at least *$216 every year. And there are nearly 5 million such households in the Sunshine State.

The company has just released a major new Tree Care Diary advice article entitled Choosing a Shade Tree for your Yard and is available free of charge here:

There are further financial benefits to planting shade trees. Each mature tree can be worth between $1,000 and $10,000 each according to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers.

The advice from Tree Top Pros includes:

- A 10-point action list to choosing the right shade tree depending on a property owners location and hardiness zone in USA

- Two free downloads detailing their top 25 shade trees covering the whole of USA

- A separate download of 10 superb shade trees just for Florida

- A video showcasing each shade tree suitable for Floridas climate

- An easy way to find additional shade tree choices for each US County

Their selection of shade trees is made based on speed of growth, strength of wood, canopy density and aesthetic considerations. The video will help people choose a tree based on appearance as well as their hardiness growing zone in Florida and height and canopy size at maturity. The separate list for Florida was made for two reasons:

i). The potential benefits of shade trees are four times higher in Florida than the average US state. This is because Florida residents pay 4 times the national average in energy costs just for cooling each year according to a 2009 survey by EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration); and

ii) Tree Top Pros currently maintains the larger part of its tree service operations in Florida.

With increasing energy prices 9 years on from the EIA survey and temperature records being broken nearly every year of late, the financial savings represented by planting a shade tree or two will only increase. says Tree Top Pros Jerome Hallberg. He continued: Yes, we see that some homes in Florida that already have shade trees planted. But many of these are either located on the wrong side of the property or are sick and dying. Now is a great time of the year to choose a new shade tree, ideally two on the south side of the house and one on the west. Our next Tree care Diary post will be published in a couple of weeks time and will be based on current tree planting best practices. This will help ensure the readers newly chosen shade tree can be given the best possible growth start.

The downloadable lists featured in the article allow property owners across USA to choose a shade tree based on 4 main factors:

1. Special Features e.g. flowers in spring, wind tolerance

2. Hardiness Zone range

3. Height in 3 years

4. Mature Height

A list of 25 native species shade trees, no matter how carefully chosen, may not suit everyone. So Tree Top Pros have suggested an easy way to discover additional local species of shade trees. Many County Administrations engage arborists to identify and prioritize native tree species they would like to see planted in their communities. The article shares a simple web search string or two to liberate extra shade tree options for the reader. Choosing shade trees that are native to the United States is highly recommended as these will already be acclimatized to specific growing zones and hence will need less maintenance and watering in the years ahead.

The article is timely because most US states are approaching one of two tree planting windows in the year. The last two weeks of September and October are generally considered to help newly planted trees become established more easily. With the hot weeks of summer now behind us, more rain appearing and the ground still retaining some warmth, a trees roots will develop well at this time of year for both established and new trees alike.

About Tree Top Pros

Tree Top Pros is based in Miami but is represented throughout Florida. They provide long term tree care as well as responsive tree services such as:

tree removal here:

tree trimming explained here:

and stump grinding

They firmly believe in the environmental and financial value of trees to communities and individual families. Tree Top Pros also know that property owners can do a lot themselves to ensure their trees are in good condition. After all, theyre in a great position to spot problems as they happen such as tree pest infestation and leaf condition. This is why Tree Top Pros issue free tree care advice every calendar month.

Tree Top Pros do not sell trees.

*$1bn Calculation:

There are 4,785,925 single family housing units in Florida according to the U.S. Census Bureaus 2015 American Community Survey, representing 64% of all accommodation units in Florida.

Hence: 4,785,925 x *$216 = $1,033,759,800 potential annual cost savings

*$216 calculation:

Florida residents spend 4 times the national average on cooling their homes - EIAs 2009 Residential Energy Consumption Survey. An average of $540 per annum spent by Florida residents on utility bills solely related to cooling the home. Simply by planting shade trees now, residents can grow an annual saving climbing to a maximum *40% of cooling costs i.e. an average saving of around *$216 every year at 2009 values.

Hence: *$540 x 40% = *$216


Property owners could save up to *40% of their summer cooling costs by planting shade trees according to Arbor Day Foundations 2013 report into Energy-Saving Trees.
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