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Today there are many women who have adopted the breast implantation to change the appearance of their breasts. They adopt this because they are unhappy with the shape and size of their breasts. Breast implantation is really a nice option today, but when it is done in a safer way.

Beast Clinic : Marmm Klinik is one of the best clinics which are known for the Breast Implant Surgery as they have the world class doctors from all over the world for the patient's treatment. This year Marmm Klinik came up with more advanced technologies and procedure for the breast implant and had made a promise for the safer breast implantation.

Doctor's : The doctors operate the patient in the most sterile environment. The patient is hospitalized for the 1 or 2 days for the whole process. A local Anesthesia is given to the patient so that they don't feel pain during the operation. For implantation doctors at Marmm Klinik use the implants which are FDA approved. The outer shell is made with smooth or textured silicon.

Procedure : The procedure starts with a small incision which is made under the breast to create a pocket under the breast tissue. Pocket under the breast can also be created by taking the incision into the armpit. Then the implant or we can say it silicon is placed under the breast or the muscle over the chest wall. Doctors always advice to place the implants below the breast tissue as the projection of the nipple is sets better than the implants placed under the muscle.

Proper Take Care : After the surgery a proper dressing is made and patients are asked to take bed rest up to 24 hours or more. At Marmm Klinik patients are offered for free consultation before and after the surgery.
The breast is a sensitive portion of your body and for its recovery it will take around two to three weeks, so it is highly recommended to avoid physical contact as well as work both. The scars and lines which appeared after the surgery will be lost around seven weeks. By the time it will begin to fade and will soon disappear.

Patients are asked to visit to their surgeon for regular examination to get assured that there are any complications, if they occur can be detected at the right time and treated well.

If you are planning for the Breast Implant Surgery at Marmm you are at the best and most secured place as you will get your treatment done with most experienced doctors and at a very affordable rate. Here you will get the best amenities, hygienic environment, supportive staff and most importantly the best and assured results.
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