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If you are interested in adding atomic force microscopes to your company, or are hoping to advance your technology, you want to choose the best possible devices. Of course, these devices should work well for your employees and have the capabilities that you need. This will require the microscopes to have a comprehensive range of scanning modes, that allows you to collect data accurately. You will also want them to be as effective as possible to produce the results you are looking for in a reasonable time.

One of the best atomic force microscopy companies on the market today is Park Systems. Park Systems has pioneered the idea of AFMs and are constantly developing new technology for researching use. They truly offer some of the most innovative and accurate AFM modes on the industry today. Learning more about these modes can help you decide which of their products will best work for your needs.

One of the biggest benefits of Park System products is that you can produce some of the highest quality images possible of the materials you plan to study. They offer several imaging modes that can help you during this process, including; True Non-Contact Mode, Contact Mode, and Tapping Mode. Their True Non-Contact mode is the only truly non-contact AFM scanning mode available and is extremely accurate.

Of course, Park Systems also offers a variety of modes that can work across several industries and applications. They offer several devices that have electrical mode capabilities, that can be used by both engineers and researchers that need data on conductance, sample resistance, and more. One way that these electrical modes can be beneficial is when you need to test the electrical and topographic properties of the sample at hand.

Park Systems also offers nanomechanical modes that can be used to measure the mechanical properties of your sample. These mechanical scanning modes have the same, quality accuracy that you can expect from all of their many products. They also offer products that can be used for both small and large sample research, which means you can choose which works best for your needs.

"At Park Systems, we are constantly developing and perfecting the many atomic force microscopes that we offer researchers. Our devices are currently some of the most accurate in the fields of life science, electrical, manufacturing, nanotechnological, and more. We have even developed new modes that you truly will not find from other, similar companies. To purchase new AFM products for your company, please visit our website today," states Keibock Lee, President of the company.

Park Systems is a leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopy systems with a full range of products. Multiple industries, such as engineers in chemistry, materials, physics, life sciences, semiconductor, and data storage can benefit from their range of supplies. The products produced by Park Systems are represented in thousands of institutions and businesses worldwide. The main headquarters for this company is based in Santa Clara, California, but products produced are sold and supported worldwide with the many regional offices throughout the world. Each of Park Systems products are sold at the lowest operating cost, with high data accuracy, and superior productivity. To learn more about their products, please visit their website.
For more information, visit: http://www.parkafm.com

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