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Goodfriend Publishing, a book publishing group based in New York and publisher of God Is Gay a scriptural analysis of biblical text dating back to 1599 that proves God's Original Word did not refer to homosexuality, proudly announces that the Gay Bible is now in production with an expected launch shortly. The Gay Bible, based on the original word of God, moves away from altered verses that express the ideals of modern-day ministers and clergy.

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Recently announced, the launch of the Gay Bible will occur later this year. This title suited to LGBT and straight Christians removes any homosexual reference from the Bible and instead focuses on Old and New Testament that embraces all to express the actual Words of God. The Gay Bible, written in the same vein as the God Is Gay title, is both in-depth and respectful of Old and New Testaments, and of the reader.

Biblical verses throughout the Gay Bible display respect and love of the scripture, so the reader can gather profound meaning from the text and an understanding that God loves them for who they are no matter their sexual preferences. In fact, the Gay Bible imparts the real words of God so that they are profound and resonate.

Undoubtedly, the Gay Bible will have a similar impact on readers that the God Is Gay title did with many readers of God is Gay suggesting the title is insightful and thoughtful. Also, many noted that all the research presented throughout the book was scholarly, with the title concisely written without any prejudice.

When asked about how God Is Gay Author C.S Clements wrote the title, one reader said, CS has convincingly taken the role of gays in the Bible out of the biblical closet. While still upholding the principals of the God's word, CS shows how gays played a key role in the Old Testament and how Jesus did not single out gay relationships as wrong, and that the biases found in many versions of the Bible relate to cultural manipulation during translation. While the address of this topic occurs in other scholarly books over the years, what makes CS's book unique is that she does not denounce biblical teachings relating to love and relationships. But, rather, she suggests that the authors of the Bible would roll over in their graves if they saw the distortions put forth in many biblical translations. Courageous, well researched, bold, yet tinged with humor, this book should be read by every straight, and gay man and woman, whether Christian or not, as well as all Christians who have struggled with this issue. It is particularly refreshing, as a gay Christian myself, that the upholding of Biblical principles occurs throughout the title. God created ALL in His image. Long overdue, this is the book that could change everything.

To find out more about God is Gay, Christian faith, and the Gay Bible that is currently in production, visit the link above. Those wishing to put their name down on the Gay Bible waiting list so they receive notification when the title is released can visit
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