Kill The Massacre Special Report Lays Out A Plan To Stop The Mass Shooting Across The U.S.


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Richard Kuhns
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Why are there so many mass shooting across America and what can be done to stop the insanity? These are questions no one can seem to answer without much certainty but the answer lies not in just stopping these attacks but figuring out what drives these people and how to reach them before they go too far. According to a special report entitled, Kill The Massacre written by bestselling author, Richard Kuhns B.S. Ch.E, we are suffering from a [self-esteem crisis]( in this country. This self-esteem crisis is turning our young people into killers because of egos, or to be more precise, bullying and what it does to those egos. You cannot be bullied or rejected unless your ego participates. Richard states in his report that, The basis for this comes from how we create an incredible eulogy for the killers with tons of hypnotic suggestiveness that sets the stage for future massacres to happen. Our handling of these events allow those who are suffering from their own self esteem crisis to use social media to provide an easy a way to fame and profit from their antisocial misery. And after every one of these massacres, we all ask WHY? And the answers are always very similar - bullying, feeling ignored, and being an outcast but when your ego is threatened, your self esteem is likewise destroyed The idea that keeping these people from getting guns will stop the massacres is a fallacy. Richard believes we should focus more on how we treat the killers. He lays out what triggers these massacres by outlining the four parts to these massacres: 1. A self esteem crisis of the perpetrator 2. The innocent victims 3. The instrument of mass violencea weapon--usually guns 4. The news and social media (news media common to DB Cooper) Remove any one of the above, and you eliminate the massacres. In fact, if it weren't for the news media, the self esteem crisis of the perpetrator would be just another non event as it is for millions of teens. Heres the headline he believes we should be writing: Another Kid Had A Self Esteem Crisis and Took It Out on His Class Mates Who Suffered for His Ignorance and Stupidity. There should be nothing more - no pictures of him or anything about him. Instead, we should focus on the class mates. This is how responsible reporting should be. While families, friends and loved one mourn the loss of those close to them, the media ends up making the perpetrators famous. This is what they were looking for all along so why should we give them what they want? He ends by stating the obvious, We already know and stated the WHY! Why be redundant time and time again? The special report, Kill The Massacre can be downloaded for free from his website at For more information about Richards books and to arrange to have Richard speak at your next event, you can reach him at: tel: 732-531-1178
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