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The earliest Irish tradition grew out of a triving oral tradition where verses were composed by a hereditary class of professional poets, the aristocratic Fili.

In the Golden Age of Irish Literature the legends of ancient Ireland were recorded in great heroic sagas. In a colourful mix of narrative prose and verse these tales detailed the exploits of such heroes as Cuchulainn, Finn MacCool , Ossian, Deidre of the Sorrow & Queen Maeve and told of war, death, love, madness and famine. Hundreds of these tales survived thanks to the Medieval monks who laboriously recorded them in manuscripts and annals.

During the early 19th century Irish novelists and poets increasingly drew their inspiration from their countrymen and their roots. Thomas Moore became internationally famous as the national poet of Ireland with his patriotic and romantic poems set to traditional Irish folk songs.

Nationalism also played a major role in the late 19th contrary literary phenomenon that has come to be known as the Irish Renaissance. This movement was spearheaded by Yeats and he gathered other like minded writers around him, Yeats proclaimed every Irish writer must either express Ireland or exploit her. The movement was both a literary and political success. It gave birth to the Irish National Theatre Society whose Abbey Theatre produced plays by Yeats, Sean O’Casey, John Synge and others. Playwrights such as Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw left there native Ireland to write for the British stage. James Joyce being disenchanted with Irelands strict religious and nationalistic attitudes moved to Europe and publishes such works as A Portrait of an Artist, Ulysses and Finnegan’s Wake which revolutionised the literary style ana structure of the novel.

A powerful creative force, at least 2000 years old has given Ireland a rich body of national literature and it thrives still.

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