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Metal Protective Coatings are in huge demand across different sectors of a widespread industry. Industries invest a significant amount in procuring vital capital assets that play a primary role in performing various productional and functional duties. Since these equipments are continuously exposed to harsh environmental elements, these become more prone to corrosion and rust which in turn leads to the need of frequent repair and maintenance costs. These additional costs prove expensive and reduce profits of a company by significant margin. Protective nanocoatings are extremely beneficial to every kind of industry where metal and steel form an integral part of infrastructure.

NanoSlic is a high-performance and top-quality protective nanocoating which is formulated and manufactured by Florida CirTech. It is a corrosion resistant coating which offers protection to metal components from premature degradation due to moisture, oxidation, rust, and many other harsh environmental elements. Anti-corrosion Metal Protective Coatings offer additional protection by forming a polymer barrier between the substrate and chemical compounds.

High performance anti-corrosion nanocoatings can be applied via spray or dipping on metal-made machines, equipments and tools in various manufacturing plants that are continuously exposed to extremely corrosive surroundings. Coatings with hydrophobic and oleophobic properties ensure that water and other oils are repelled away from coming into direct contact with the underlying surface thus ensuring optimal utilization and prolonged life span. The durable nanocaotings improves hard surfaces which makes them resistant to deterioration and abrasion. NanoSlic can be used in a variety of industrial applications such as automotive, agriculture, health care, electronics, marine, metals, domestic appliances, anti-graffiti etc.

About Florida CirTech-

Florida CirTech is a Cincinnati based chemical company that has developed high-performance protective nanocaotings by the name of NanoSlic. The technologists at Florida CirTech realized the need of a durable and efficient, hydrophobic SMT stencil coating due to increasingly minimized dimension of various electrical devices and more challenging solder paste transfer efficiency. NanoSlic made its debut in American markets in 2014 and was an instant hit straightaway amongst the topmost companies of electronics industry. Featuring highly-protective, anti-corrosion and non-toxic properties, NanoSlic seals out water, oils, chemicals, abrasions, and harmful ultraviolet rays and acts as a protective shield for the underlying surfaces of glass, metals and polymers.
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