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Tempi, the music specialists, have launched a new metronome to improve rhythm and tempo for drummers wanting to practice and improve their play. Without a metronome, musicians inevitably play in time with themselves, sometimes falling behind the beat, sometimes speeding up, but it's difficult to stay in time with others. Using a metronome can help to establish timing and rhythm and improve play, and it's for this reason the company launched their own specialist instrument.

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Metronomes keep regular beats to help musicians stay in time. They can be adjusted based on tempo, and come in a range of formats. Because they measure beats per minute, they can assist musicians as a practice tool to learn beats, tempos, and harness a better sense of rhythm.

Because it establishes a steady tempo, a metronome can also assist musicians through passages that are more difficult to play, helping to ensure the musician doesn't slow down at the wrong moment. As musicians learn, they tend to focus on notes rather than timing, and the tempo can take longer to master. Metronomes are designed to help manage this balance.

The Tempi metronome has received glowing reviews on Amazon for its design and ease of use. It establishes timing and helps users to play at a proper pace, regardless of their experience. With no batteries, it's a simple to use product with a visible pendulum that has been proven to improve rhythm when people use it to practice their music.

Through watching the pendulum swing, drummers can develop precision with their play, and ensure each beat matches the correct tempo. Playing with a metronome is essential for all musicians, but it is especially true for drummers, who so often set the tone for a piece of music.

Tempi explains that playing with a metronome will improve drummer timing even when they go on to play without it. Full product details are available on the page listing on Amazon.

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