If You're Weight-Obsessed, Global Fitness Expert, Eliot Tasses, Explains a New Perspective to Set You Free!


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If Youre Weight-Obsessed, Here's a New Perspective to Set You Free!

Weve all seen the charts. Measure your height and check out what you ought to weigh. As basic guidelines go, its easy to work with, but according to fitness expert Eliot Tasses, its nothing more than that.

Theres also a bit of a gender gap in how we view weight. Men want to gain weight - muscle weight. Ladies usually want to lose weight, and they dont want big muscles. A conversation with Eliot gives us a whole new perspective - and for those of us who are hovering over the scales, it comes as something of a relief.

BMI Has Limitations

BMI (Body Mass Index) has its limitations. Prof [Nick Trefethen](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_mass_index), a renowned mathematician, was among the first to ring warning bells. Because its just a mathematical construct, theres variance on either end of the BMI scale.

Without going into the maths, it comes down to short people being led to believe theyre thinner than they really are while tall people could be led to believe theyre fatter than they ought to be when theyre actually just fine.

But there are other problems too. There really are some people who are big-boned. Meanwhile, some people have a very light, delicate frame. BMI doesnt allow for that. Once again, you could end up thinking youre overweight when you arent.

Eliot is passionate about the final insult you could get if you rely on BMI as the sole means of determining your ideal weight. It doesnt account for muscle mass, he says. If youre losing weight because youre dropping muscle mass, its obvious that youre weakening your body. BMI says youre doing great, but meanwhile, your body fat percentage could be saying otherwise.

Muscle Weighs More Than Fat - And Ladies Should Want It Too

Muscle is way more compact than fat, and it weighs more per volume. But women often worry about muscle weight gain. When we think of women and muscles, images of pumped female bodybuilders spring to mind. Its not a look that every girl wants.

Muscle development doesnt necessarily mean looking like the she-hulk. You need to realise that bodybuilding is a very demanding sport, Eliot explains. Preparing for a competition is a big thing, and when the ladies appear in bodybuilding events, theyve been through an extreme pre-competition programme and theyre doing weights just before appearing so that theyre totally pumped.

When you see them on a regular day, you wouldnt even know theyre bodybuilders. You might notice that they have attractive body lines, but there are no bulging biceps or super-defined sinews in sight. They just look good.

The irony of it all is that apart from the aesthetic side of things, good muscle development is especially important for women. Were more prone to osteoporosis, and studies have found that [low muscle mass increases osteoporosis risk](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4101790/).

In addition, exercise builds bone density. So, piling on a few kilos of muscle might not make the scale your friend, but you look great, and youre more likely to remain healthy and active as you age.

Combat the Real Enemy: Too Much Fat

At the end of the day, theres only one problem that both men and women should worry about: too much fat. And although body mass is an indicator, it isnt the be-all-and-end-all. You need the right balance of muscle and fat, says Eliot. And you do need some fat. Theres actually a danger-zone in which people have too little fat to be healthy.

Eliot emphasises the importance of a healthy diet. Dont crash diet, he warns. Youll lose muscle weight too. Im an advocate of eating a sensible, healthy diet and getting lots of exercise. You can also overdo the cardio, so balance it with strength-training.

Find Out More

If you have the money, a personal trainer can help you to track your physical health much better than you could if you just used BMI and your scale as indicators. But for many of us, the costs of gym membership plus a personal trainer are a bridge too far.

Eliot Tasses believes hes overcome that barrier: Ive created online coaching site, with over 120 videos of content to get you great results and remain injury free!, and I do a bit of personal consulting to help people get their goal-setting right. Weve got a really motivated community going here, so come Join [Eliot Tasses](https://eliottasses.com) Online.

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