IVF treatment: Why you may decide that you don't want to pursue the treatment of IVF?


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The couple is already going through a lot of stress both emotionally and physically. Some couple might feel that they don’t want to pursue the treatment of IVF. Let’s take a look at some of the points if you are unsure about what do you want to do next. It might help you to arrive at a decision and move further.

But before going further let’s see ‘why it is difficult to decide not to pursue the treatment of IVF or fertility?’. Deciding whether to start the treatment is already difficult as only two people are involved in this decision. The couple will think about what will be the outcome and is there any risk involved with the treatment. The decision which you will make is based on what will be best for you and your partner also. The couple is afraid that how their family and friends will react to this situation. On the other hand, you are the only one who knows what will be best for you.

Reasons not to pursue IVF treatment
• Deciding to continue trying to conceive without the treatment
Some couple might think that they will try on their own without the need for treatment. They still make this decision if the chances are very small. However, before thinking too much make sure to consult the doctor. As he had already evaluated your physical health, so he also knows what will be best for you. He will let is you can consider this option and give it a chance. You should consult the doctor with the best IVF center in India.

• Want to avoid the Risk
No doubt, the IVF treatment is perfectly safe but they do come with some risk factor. The medications which are given during the treatment have left some side effects on the body. They can range from nuisance effect to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. The surgical procedure of egg retrieval might involve some risk and sometimes there are complications of multiple pregnancies. No one wants to take these risks.

• Don’t want to pursue the suggested treatment
Some couples don’t want to pursue the treatment which the doctor suggested. Like some might prefer IUI over test tube baby treatment. Some couple may decide they want to have a baby through surrogacy. Sometimes just you don’t feel right so it is your wish what you want to do.

• Religious objection
Some people have a religious objection to IVF or fertility treatment. There might be some people in your community which are totally against this process and might think it is totally illegal. Some couples are uncomfortable about the creation of extra embryos or getting them frozen in the laboratory. Always speak to your doctor what you are thinking and is there any option which you might consider.

• Treatment is expensive
Some couple might want to stop the treatment because of there financial condition and this is referred to as financial infertility. Sometimes you have to find another job to pay the expenses which are physically and emotionally very tiring. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have the money. You may think that other options are better for you.
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