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Registered Nurses (RNs) are in high demand. This is due to the highly versatile skills that the qualified RN brings to the medical workplace. It's also becoming a highly popular career option, and that is largely due to the rewarding nature of the work and the positive impact that the role can have on the vulnerable. Usually, RNs work in hospitals, clinics, and medical offices, and they assist doctors and nurses when it comes to providing the best in medical care. If you're considering a career as an RN, then you should look closely at the responsibilities of the role, and assess the modern methods for the education that the career will involve.

Differences between RN and LPN
Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) report to an RN and usually undertake more entry-level duties. This can include basic nursing procedures like taking vital signs, administering medication, filling out medical records, and helping those patients who are unable to feed or dress themselves. An LPN often needs a college degree, and these usually take somewhere between 12 and 18 months. If you are currently working as an LPN, then chances are high that you have looked at becoming an RN as your next career step. RNs perform a number of duties, although these are often broken down by your specialty and workplace. RNs earn a higher salary than LPNs, although this too will depend on the workplace and type of nursing you specialize in.

LPN to RN options for progression
There are a number of ways to transition from being an LPN to an RN. Training programs are designed with LPNs in mind and will be tailored to help further your career. Being an LPN gives you the ideal starting point to make the change to becoming an RN, and you have a number of options available that will make that transition easier. If you're concerned about undertaking more education, there are now a wide variety of LPN to RN online courses available that can help you manage your time with greater ease. It can be challenging to continue with your education when you already work, but online learning makes the process significantly easier. Many RNs are concerned about their ability to manage further education without disrupting their current workload. This is especially relevant for those that work whilst running a family home as well. Online learning is the fastest growing option for those wishing to progress their career without the worry.

If you're looking for greater responsibility, a higher potential for earning, and more job satisfaction, then making the leap to becoming a Registered Nurse is always worth considering. It has also never been easier, and with the range of learning options available, you could be furthering your career without the stress and financial constraints that you might have assumed. For any RN looking at their current role and wondering if they have what it takes to progress, then it's always worth discussing your ambitions with your supervisor. They will be able to guide your next step, and you may soon be earning more and enjoying much greater possibilities for your future.

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