How to Protect Your Customers Personal Data


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How to Protect Your Customersí Personal Data
Anyone that runs a business will have the details of all its customers and clients on their system. To protect your clientís data, you may even ask for additional information to verify their identities such as age, or parentís details. All of this information is important to your customers,and they give it to you with the expectation that it will be protected. However, are you doing enough in your company to keep your customersí data secure?

Collecting Customersí Data
The first point that your customers will encounter your company should be secure enough that their data will be safe. If they are using your website to enter their details, then the site should have an encryption system in place to stop others from accessing it. If they are calling you, then your staff should be entering this information into a secure system. No personal information should be written down without being shredded after use.

Your Company Security
Access to your customersí data should be kept to a minimum unless it is needed. It should never be allowed to be on display in your office as others not employed by your company might see it. Use of your client and customer data should be carefully logged so that any breach of protocol or security can be discovered. If you do suspect that a member of our staff has obtained personal information for illegal purposes, then this should be investigated. An experienced forensic computer investigator can be called in to examine the computer and collect any evidence.

Computer System Security
Your computer system can be vulnerable from outside cybercrime attacks. To try and prevent this from happening, you need to have robust measures in place to stop unwanted access to your systems. You should be using a strong firewall as well as high-level anti-virus software to ensure that no attacks come from the internet. One way to achieve better security is to have your servers in the cloud. That way, there are additional layers of protection as well as your own, it also prevents a direct access to your customersí data.

Staff Training
Part of an effective security system is training your employees how to handle information correctly. You need to ensure that they know the importance of passwords and how often they should be changing them. They should also be told the correct procedure in the event of a breach or if they suspect that someone is trying to hack into the system. Another important area is emails; your staff needs to know what to do if they encounter a suspicious email and where they need to report it. You and your managers need to be approachable enough so that if any of your workers suspect anything, they can come to you in confidence.

Your customer's information is highly important, so it is vital that you put the appropriate systems and guidelines in place to ensure that you have done everything you can do to prevent an attack.


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