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How To Get Pregnant- Methods To Conceive A Baby Boy

A couple may desire a baby boy as the first-born or because they already have a girl. Pregnancy has its charms and one of them is the unpredictability of the gender of the child you will conceive.

Market Press Release July 16, 2011 8:11 am
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Rebecca Robert


A couple may desire a baby boy as the first-born or because they already have a girl. Pregnancy has its charms and one of them is the unpredictability of the gender of the child you will conceive. If you want only a baby boy, employ natural and simple methods that give you higher probabilities of conceiving a male child. The joy of having a boy through these simple methods to employ.

First Method- The method developed by Dr Shettles is popular and people use it widely in order to pick the gender of the child they desire. This method relies on the properties of the X and Y chromosome bearing sperm. Y chromosome bearing sperm responsible for a male child are faster but weaker while the X chromosome bearing sperm are slower but stronger. A woman keeps track of when she ovulates and engages in intercourse on the day before ovulation, on the day of ovulation and the day after ovulation. Appropriate sexual intercourse positions are selected that enable deeper penetration and ejaculation of semen as close to the cervix as possible. This way the faster but weaker Y chromosome bearing sperm get to the egg first.

Second Method- This method is the pH level in the vaginal canal influenced to some extent by the type of foods a woman eats. Acidity in the fluids in the vaginal canal go against the Y chromosome bearing sperm while alkaline environment is conducive to conception of male progeny. A planned diet program that includes food that promotes alkalinity will help in conceiving a male child. A woman should eat alkaline fruits like bananas, grains, cereals, adequate amount of vitamins and minerals and dairy products.

Third Method- If you ardently desire to have a boy then a woman should orgasm first and a man has to wait for her. Orgasm allied to deeper penetration influences sex determination of the progeny. When a woman has an orgasm, her vaginal fluids turn more alkaline, making the environment suitable for the Y sperms to travel up to the egg first before the slower X sperms. Again, adopt a sexual intercourse position conducive for deeper penetration.

Fourth Method- Some tout high levels of caffeine as being responsible for conception of a male child. If you have two cups of caffeinated, natural coffee about a half hour before engaging in intercourse it seems you increase your chances of having a baby boy.

Fifth Method- A man too would help in increasing the probability of having a baby boy by wearing loose underwear that keeps the reproductive organs cool. Y chromosome sperm like it cool!

So, if you really want to Get Pregnant With Boy combine these simple, natural, inexpensive methods and have the joy of a baby boy. However, there is no guarantee of success: you only increase the probability of having a male child. We have more information about How To Get Pregnant with a baby boy.

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