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How To Get Pregnant:- Low Sperm Count Does Not Prevent Conception

Even if a man has low sperm count it is possible for the couple to have a child.

Market Press Release – July 1, 2011 8:32 am
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Rebecca Robert


The male partner contributes as much to pregnancy as does the female partner. The male provides the sperm; the female provides the egg or ovum. When the sperm meets the egg or ovum, fertilization occurs resulting in pregnancy. Normally healthy males have healthy sperm, adequate sperm count and motile sperms to enable fertilization to take place. Some males may have a low sperm count. The minimum number is 20 million per ml of semen. A number below this is considered low. However, even if a man has low sperm count it is still possible for the couple to have a child.

A couple could adopt a few methods to increase chances of conception despite the low sperm count problem.

Diets and Nutrition
Diet and Nutrition will help improve sperm count to a beneficial degree and improve fertility. Both partners and specifically the male should avoid fried foods, white sugars, refined foods, soft drinks, alcohol and tobacco when they embark on achieving parenthood. Diet should include more of vegetables, fruits and nuts. These should be selected to have high amounts of the right ingredients. Sourcing such supplements and obtaining guidance from the right source helps the male produce more semen with healthier sperm, increased sperm motility and a higher sperm count. Pregnancy becomes easier.

Temperature is a factor that affects sperm life and health. If a man makes efforts to keep cool and wear clothes that permit better air circulation in the genital areas, he increases chances of impregnating the female despite low sperm count.

Adopt a healthy life style
If a male is the chief earning member, he will be under a lot of stress. Stress is counter productive and inhibits conception in both partners. Both should learn proper techniques and methods that help them remain relaxed in spite of stress and tensions in life. Exercising regularly, eating at regular hours and finding time to meditate helps in developing a healthy life style that is conducive to conception. Such practices also help improve sperm quality even if sperm count is low and it aids conception. You can know more about such guidance from specialist sources for the best outcome.

Sex Life
A couple should have an active sex life in the days leading up to the date when she expects to ovulate. The man should preferably have a rest day in between so that his sperm count can build up. Indulging in some extended foreplay followed by sex in the right positions prepares the woman for fertilization. Sperm can survive for 4 to 6 days in the woman’s body so having frequent sex helps conception. The sperm will be ready when the egg is ready and is released for fertilization. Even if a man has low sperm count fertilization can take place. Sperm motility and low sperm count factors can thus be taken care of by adopting the right practices learnt from the right sources and taking the help of the right products that will definitely benefit you.

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