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How To Get Pregnant Following a Vasectomy Reversal Operation

It takes time but pregnancy is achievable after the man has undergone a vasectomy reversal operation.

Market Press Release – July 2, 2011 10:18 am
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Rebecca Robert


How to become pregnant following a vasectomy reversal operation is a question that bothers those anxious to have babies. Vasectomy is a birth control surgical operation. The vas deferens is either tied up or cut to prevent sperm from mixing with the semen, rendering a man sterile. It is easy and short and this is one reason why couples decide it is better if the male partner undergoes sterilization usually after the birth of a child or two. At some time after that, should they change their mind and wish to have another child, the has man to undergo a vasectomy reversal operation in which the cut or tied up tube is freed up or joined again, enabling sperm to mix with semen. Vasectomy reversal is time consuming and painful. It takes time but pregnancy is achievable after the man has undergone a vasectomy reversal operation at a suitable clinic. Selection of the right clinic is important for a successful outcome.

Give it time
Once a man undergoes a vasectomy reversal, he will have to wait for 2 to 3 month for the tissues of the reproductive system to return to a normal state and function as they once used to. Then only should the couple engage in sexual intercourse that will lead to pregnancy. One must understand that the male’s body has been used to a certain condition and to adapt to the changed circumstances takes time.

Once healing has taken place it is advisable for the couple to have the semen checked for sperm count, sperm health and motility. There might be traces of anti sperm antibodies and it will take time for these to reduce and for the body to become normal. If everything is all right then the couples have a 60 to 65% chance of attaining pregnancy. Eat the right diet and get the right nutrition supplements from a trusted source to increase chances of success.

Then of course, there are the usual conditions conducive to conception that the couples should follow. This includes a healthy lifestyle, knowing about ovulation, managing stress and improving general wellness. Learn more about improving or modifying your lifestyle through various means to improve chances of conception. Investment in the right guidance saves you the bother and gives you results.

Please do not expect magic: you may have to wait six months after the vasectomy reversal operation to be able to conceive. If the vasectomy reversal operation has been done within 10 years of the vasectomy, there are more chances of success so take this into consideration as well when considering conception. Take the help of the right source of guidance and the right products to multiply chances of success.

You could seek expert guidance and counsel from those who know about these conditions. Then you do not have to worry about how to get pregnant following a vasectomy reversal operation. Simply help nature along and hope for the best.

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