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There are many kinds of water pipes in the market, and many families have no choice when buying. Today, we will provide you with some management information, and hope to bring you some help. Water pipes are mainly divided into galvanized pipes, UPVC pipes, plastic pipes, PPR pipes, copper pipes , seamless steel pipe and non-embroidered steel pipes.

First, galvanized pipe
The galvanized pipe is used as a water pipe. After a few years of use, the pipe will produce rust. The yellow water mixed with rust and water will not only pollute, but also the bacteria that will breed, causing the heavy metal content in the water to be too high, which will seriously harm the human body. In the 1960s and 1970s, developed countries in the world began to develop new types, and galvanized pipes were successively banned. The Ministry of Construction and other four ministries and commissions also issued a document clarifying that galvanized pipes will be banned from 2000. At present, galvanized pipes are rarely used in cold water pipes in new residential areas. Some districts use galvanized pipes for hot water pipes.

Second, UPVC pipe
In fact, it is a kind of plastic pipe. The interface is generally used. The UPVC pipe has poor anti-freeze and heat resistance, so it is difficult to use it as a hot water pipe. Because its strength cannot be applied to the pressure requirements of the water pipe, cold water is used. Tubes are also rarely used. In most cases, PVC pipes are suitable for wire and sewage pipes. In addition, in recent years, the scientific and technological circles have found that chemical additives that make PVC become softer have a great influence on the kidney, liver and testis in the human body, which can lead to disease and kidney damage, destroy the function of the human body, and affect the development.

Third, aluminum plastic pipe
Aluminum-plastic composite pipe is a popular pipe on the market. Due to its light weight, durability and convenient construction, its bendability is more suitable for use. The main disadvantage is that when used as a hot water pipe, the long-term thermal expansion and contraction will cause the pipe wall to be misaligned to cause leakage.

Fourth, PPR tube
As a new type of water pipe material, PPR pipe has a unique advantage. It can be used as both a cold water pipe and a hot water pipe. It is becoming a popular material because of its light weight, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. PPR pipes are not only suitable for cold water pipes, but also for hot water pipes and even pure drinking water pipes. The interface of the PPR tube adopts the hot-melt technology, and the tubes are completely fused together. Therefore, once the installation is pressed, it will not exist as long as the aluminum-plastic tube, and the PPR plastic tube itself has no toxicity, but with With the increase of use time, it does not have self-cleaning function and sterilization function. PPR plastic material becomes the gathering place of secondary pollution of water and the growth of bacteria, which seriously threatens human health.

Five, stainless steel tube
Stainless steel is a recognized health material that can be implanted into the human body. The manufacture of water pipes made of stainless steel has been a successful application record in many years in developed countries, and has become the current trend and development direction. The stainless steel material is safe and non-toxic, does not cause pollution to the water quality, keeps the water pure and hygienic, and the safety and safety are fully guaranteed.

Adopting automatic locking connection technology to ensure that the thin-walled stainless steel water pipe can withstand the pressure of 1.6Mpa under the condition of careful installation, which is in line with the national industrial stainless steel pipe pressure standard. The service life is up to 100 years, almost no maintenance is required in the life cycle, and the cost of pipe replacement is avoided. The comprehensive use cost (calculated as 70 years of service life) is only 1/2 of the galvanized pipe, 1/4 of the high quality PPR, and copper. 1/2 of the tube.

Among them, the thin-walled stainless steel pipe has the characteristics of safe, reliable, hygienic and environmentally friendly, and economical application in the high-quality drinking water system, hot water system and the water supply system which puts safety and sanitation first. It has been proved by domestic and international engineering practice that the water supply system has comprehensive performance. One of the better, new, energy-saving and environmentally friendly pipes is also a very competitive water supply pipe.

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