Greater Toronto Area Tankless Water Heating Company Introduces HRV Units


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Toronto tankless water heating system provider Tankless Experts announced the launch of Heat Ventilation Recovery (HRV) systems from leading Ontario air purification technology firm Lifebreath. Tankless Experts will provide HRV installation services in the Greater Toronto Area.

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The increased efficiency of building insulation systems in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces has a direct influence on the need for effective ventilation. In cold climes, building ventilation design often causes the loss of heat to the outside, increasing the load on the structure's heating infrastructure.

The lack of proper ventilation represents a health hazard for occupants by keeping stale air, allergens, and toxic fumes within the structure. HRV climate control systems from Lifebreath use a heat exchanger to transfer heat from the outgoing stale air to the incoming fresh air.

As leaders in tankless water heating and air treatment technologies, Tankless Experts will now provide Lifebreath HRV units as part of its comprehensive residential and commercial services. These HRV units are compact, light, and energy-efficient, ensuring that outgoing and incoming air do not mix.

The company is expected to supply the Lifebreath MAX, a 5-speed unit that features a patented aluminum heat exchanger core with a dehumidistat to control the air exchange rate based on a built-in humidity sensor to prevent condensation on walls and windows. The unit features automatic control based on external temperature, continuous and scheduled re-circulation, as well as a furnace interface.

Tankless Experts is also a leading supplier of tankless water heating solutions, furnaces, and heated surfaces to homes and businesses in the region.

According to a spokesperson for the Greater Toronto Area tankless water heating company, "In keeping with our commitment to providing energy-efficient tankless water heating solutions, we are delighted to extend our expertise to the installation and troubleshooting of HRV systems from local Ontario firm Lifebreath."

Tankless Experts Inc., is a full-service expert in residential and commercial tankless water heating technology and a provider of energy efficiency solutions in and around the Greater Toronto Area. More information about the companys products and services is available over the phone at 416-708-0409 or at the URL above.
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